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Kathryn Dennis Awarded Joint Custody Of Her Children!

Well this has been a long time coming. It’s only been three years, but honestly this court case has aged us all. Thankfully, it looks like the custody saga between Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel has reached a plateau.The former Southern Charm couple didn’t make it easy on each other, or their kids, but hopefully this resolution will allow all involved to heal accordingly. He implied Kathryn used drugs with the Southern Charm crew and producers. Upon requesting her medical records, Thomas claimed Kathryn had an abortion and was promiscuous with men. Pretty much the only thing he didn’t accuse her of is sexual assault, though I guess he has that one covered.

Kathryn definitely has her own demons. She admitted to a problem with substance abuse and subsequently went to rehab. Kathryn also found herself the pariah of her cast mates, when uncouth behavior made her a social outcast. After Thomas’ own uncouth behavior found him behind bars, the tide began to turn against Kathryn’s ex. His arrest encouraged Kathryn to file for sole custody and the mud slinging really began. It’s safe to say Kathryn and Thomas could carry Southern Charm on their own, but now we’re finding out one chapter of this non-storybook romance is finally ending.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a South Carolina judge ruled Kathryn and T-Rav will share joint custody of their two children, Kensie and Saint. In June, Thomas claims Kathryn tested positive for marijuana during a drug test. He then invoked a clause which allowed him to take custody. Kathryn has since denied these allegations. Despite pulling every card known to man, Thomas was unable to receive primary custody of the kids. Thomas and Kathryn will now have to work together and co-parent. Hopefully both are ready to drop any lingering petty issues and make sure their children have a healthy environment.

Thomas and Kathryn have been ordered to work together on the kids’ health issues, education, and other important decisions. And that’s not all! Both parents must attend at least three co-parenting sessions with a counselor. GOOD. Kathryn will also undergo cognitive-behavioral therapy. CBT has proven methods to change thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to improve life satisfaction and functioning. I could probably use this too… Another win for Kathryn is she no longer has monitored visitation with Kensie and Saint.

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While Kathryn endured multiple drug tests at Thomas’ request, now “both parents have been ordered to not consume alcohol or abuse prescription drugs in the presence of the kids, use any illegal drugs with any individual with whom he/she is romantically involved, or allow them to stay on an overnight basis when they have custody of the children.”

I like this judge! It has also been declared Thomas and Kathryn cannot speak in a negative manner in front of the children OR on social media. Sounds like Thomas is going to have some free time! The agreement also states the parents must not allow anyone else to be called “mother” or “father” by Kensie and Saint. As an added bonus, T-Rav and Kathryn are prohibited from exposing the kids to violent or profane language.

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The best judge ever also decided Kathryn and Thomas may request the other be tested for drinking while they have custody of the kids. Dang, how does the shoe on the other foot feel now, T-Rav? Until a future hearing (or sexual assault trial) is held, neither party will be paid child support. Kathryn has previously admitted she is working to improve her financial state and decrease her spending.

Because Kathryn is dealing with the recent loss of her mother, Allison, a judge will make the final determination on custody and support at a future hearing. Regardless of whether you are #TeamThomas or #TeamKathryn, it’s pretty clear these new rules are very #TeamKids. Let’s hope these two parents can now move forward making life easier for each other and their children, for once.

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