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Love After Lockup has really outdone itself this season. These people are crazy! It’s like they took the most insane moments of past seasons, and dialed it up ten more notches. However, my heart can’t take all of this insanity! Especially Lacey. That girl is a total MESS. During last week’s Love After Lockup, she continued to play not one, but TWO inmates.

Almost everyone is out of prison now, so the drama is really picking up. Vincent and Amber have zero chemistry, so I don’t think they’ll make it down the aisle. Angela or Tony won’t either. He seems more interested in the financial benefits of being with her. Last week he finally got released, and he didn’t want any part of being intimate with the alleged love of his life.

Angela & Tony

Tony Angela Love After Lockup

It’s still so funny to me that Tony is choosing steak over oral sex. Angela is so sexually frustrated, and he’s just wanting a big piece of beef.

They only have a few hours together, so they might not be able to get intimate at all. She wants to squeeze in some sexual interaction, but he says he wants their first time to be special.

She hasn’t had sex in over five years, so mama is ready. Angela is filled with joy now that she’s able to finally be around Tony and actually touch him.

He says eating the steak is the same feeling as an orgasm. I love that for him. Unfortunately, Angela and Tony won’t be able to see each other during his first week out.

Angela wants a summer wedding, and Tony seems overwhelmed by the speed of things. Sugar mama or not, Angela deserves someone that actually wants to be with her for the right reasons.

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Angela’s confused about why they aren’t having sex. She says they talked about sex so much, so it’s weird they didn’t do it.

Tony doesn’t know when they will see each other again, but I don’t think they ever will. I feel as if he plans on never seeing her again. She is running late bringing him back to where he needs to be, and this is not good. If he doesn’t return quickly, he goes back to prison.

It turns out to be a minor setback, and they make it there on time. Angela and Tony say their goodbyes, and she feels more alone than she ever has before. Ugh. I feel so bad for her kind of.

Cheryl & Josh

Josh Cheryl Love After Lockup

Cheryl says that her family doesn’t know the real Josh, and that’s why they don’t support her. They’ve never been together beyond the prison walls, so how does she know this is the real deal?

It’s an emotional time for Cheryl, but things are looking up. She steals a blanket from her hotel room, so she has something to use when they have sex. Someone alert hotel security!

Apparently, Josh once handed Cheryl a bag of sperm for her to use to make herself pregnant. What a sentence. What’s even weirder is I know someone in real life who had this exact scenario. OOF.

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Josh is finally free, he doesn’t seem like the hard criminal that she says turns her on. I’m a little let down here. Not going to lie.

Cheryl’s elated to finally be one step closer to marrying Josh. Too bad her father won’t be walking her down the aisle.

Lacey, John, & Shane

Lacey Love After Lockup

Lacey is finally about to meet one of her two felon men. She has butterflies waiting for him to be released, and it’s the first time they’ll ever meet in person.

She hopes he is even better looking in person. How long does she expect to keep this balancing act going? Eventually, both men are going to learn about one another. Be realistic, Lacey.

She finally meets Shane, and all she talks about is how hot he looks. Going real deep here, huh Lacey? They start making out in the car, and he can’t wait to get her alone. There’s no depth to this relationship at all.

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Shane says meeting Lacey is the happiest day of his life. He actually seems like a really nice guy. Their relationship is only surface level, but he’s still nice.

He asks to use her phone, so she gives him fake passcodes to keep him out. Right after that, she receives a call from John. This is so CRINGE.

Shane is just sitting in the car alone, and she’s on the phone fighting with John. He has her number here for sure. He knows something is up with her, and he hangs up.

Shane thinks it’s weird she got out of the car to take a call, but he trusts her. Her lies are closing in on her, and she can’t keep this secret too much longer. A choice is coming, and one of these men is going to be irate.

Lizzy & Daniel

Lizzy Love After Lockup

It’s time for Daniel to be released, and Daniel’s mom is already annoyed with Lizzy. They got off to a late start, and she’s mad Lizzy never visited Daniel in jail.

It is a little weird she never once went to visit him. I get the school and work excuse, but she could’ve taken a day out.

Lizzy feels like Daniel’s mom is trying to make her feel bad and act like she’s his best support system. They’re staying at a hotel together too which is going to be so awkward. It’s obvious Daniel’s mom doesn’t care for her, so Lizzy should just get her own room.

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Lizzy expresses concern that his mom likes to meddle in his relationships. His mom defends her place in her life and says she does it all to keep him out of jail.

His mother asks if she has kept any secrets from Daniel, and apparently, she has. Secrets always come out, Lizzy! Tell the truth now. Good luck, Lizzy.

She says the calls between her and Daniel have put a financial burden on her since he went away. Daniel says he’s changed a lot since he last saw Lizzy. He is covered in tattoos now, and she might be shocked to see that.

Daniel worries that his mother won’t get along with Lizzy, and he’s right. Lizzy says it’s the most emotional moment of her life. She’s worried about being accepted since she’s gained weight.

That’s cute that they’re both worried they other won’t accept their new experience. Lizzy and his mom cry waiting for him, and they’re one step closer to seeing him.

Vincent & Amber

Angela Love After Lockup

Vincent is so different from any other guy Amber’s been with before, so we’ll see how this goes. Amber got permission to stay with Vince at the house he’s renting.

Does anyone else foresee an awkward time ahead for this couple? Since the moment they met, their chemistry has seemed almost nonexistent.

Vince has a large dinner planned for Amber because she hasn’t had a great meal in years. She video chats with an old friend, and Vince gets to meet her. He’s so awkward on the phone with her, but her friend seems happy to finally meet him.

Once Vince leaves, Amber tells her friend it’s been super awkward, and that Vince is really weird. HE IS THOUGH. Maybe he’d be a better match with Cheryl than with Amber.

She seems so sketched out during their dinner. There’s so much they likely don’t know about each other still. Amber doesn’t understand why things are so awkward between the two. Vince, on the other hand, doesn’t know why sex isn’t happening with her tonight. Oh, buddy. Read the room.


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