Life After Lockup Recap: Broken Bonds

Life After Lockup has been so fantastic this season, and it’s sad to see it end. It’s been an explosive season. Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson’s story started out slow, but it’s dialed up to 100 right now. Last week she took his ID and debit card to hold him hostage in Utah. However, they aren’t the only couple with life changing drama.

Brittany Santiago could lose her son forever because her husband Marcelino Santiago couldn’t check his own ego. Clint Brady almost tanked his married to Tracie Wagaman over a sexting scandal. Michael Simmons is FINALLY on the verge of choosing between wife Sarah Simmons and girlfriend Megan J. Also, who could forget about Scott Davey and Lizzie Kommes? He is using drugs, and I did not see that one coming. 

Andrea & Lamar

Life After Lockup Recap: Broken Bonds

Lamar can’t trust Andrea following her stunt keeping his things hostage. She tries to make a “compromise” and asks him to stay for just six months as a trial period. He tells her she will be alone instead.

SHE IS A TOTAL WHACKADOO. There’s something in the Utah air that is making this woman lose touch with reality.

Lamar steals her phone to orchestrate a trade to get his things back. The kids are on their way to Utah, and their family is imploding every second. Lamar was detached from the family when he was released, but Andrea is causing the most damage her.

She doesn’t actually want to be with Lamar. She wants to be with her own fantasy version of who she would like Lamar to be. That’s neither realistic nor sane. Get some help girl.

Andrea is crying face down in her bed over Lamar taking off. She names off his family that was shot and killed as part of the lifestyle. He returns to get his ID back and calls her stupid.

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She does look dumb though. She basically kidnapped Lamar and tried to force the Mormon lifestyle on him.

He doesn’t like the way she went about the move to Utah. He says that he has business ties in LA, and explains things could’ve been planned ahead of time. He’s being the only rational one in the room, and I want him to escape this nightmare ASAP.

Andrea is certain Lamar will return to Utah because he is addicted to her. I am addicted to watching her full-scale breakdown on national television. She needs an extensive round of cognitive behavior therapy.

Lamar loves her, but thinks the Mormons have messed her brain up. I don’t even think it’s the Mormons. Even her friends there thought she was kind of crazy over her plan to keep him there.

Brittany & Marcelino

Life After Lockup Recap: Broken Bonds

Marcelino wants to be optimistic about the custody hearing, but he understands how the system operates. She confesses that she’s worried but doesn’t want negative energy around.

It’s crazy how much worse Marcelino made the situation by fighting with her ex Tito. Walking away would have made things so much better for Brittany’s case. However, after the fight she could lose her son forever.

His ego could cost Brittany any shot she ever had at custody. It was already an uphill battle, and now it’s the Mount Everest of family court cases.

Their attorney tells Marcelino to keep calm and not react to Tito’s antics. Could you imagine how bad it would be if they had round 2 of the fight inside the courtroom? Remain seated bud.

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Brittany’s case has the best possible outcome. She gets 60% of physical custody of her son. which is a little shocking. The focus is off of her past and Marcelino’s actions now, and she has a great shot at full custody eventually. This is a really big win for Brittany in a time where a lot is going wrong.

Brittany finally feels safe knowing that her son won’t be randomly taken from her. Brittany has a surprise for her friend Sasha. She can’t go inside because she’s an ex felon, but she is still planning something.

They surprise Sasha outside of the jail with a sign asking her to be their daughter’s godmother. That’s such a sweet gesture. It’s really sad to think that she can’t visit her the entire duration of her ten year sentence.

Clint & Tracie

Life After Lockup Recap: Broken Bonds

The vow renewal is in full swing after a whirlwind trip. Tracie is thrilled that her relationship has survived this long. It’s both thrilling and shocking.

She keeps talking about how she is finally having a real wedding and not at a bar with a bunch of random people. How much of an upgrade is Vegas chapel ceremony from bar wedding? That’s barely a step up.

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She looks so happy though. They finally make it through the ceremony, and somehow they have the happiest ending of any of the couples. Tracie says the marriage will be forever with “total commitment”. Tell that to Michael & Sarah, or Andrea & Lamar.

Cheers to the happy for now couple. Random people congratulate them on the marriage, and someone calls them Scott & Lizzie. THAT IS HILARIOUS. They aren’t quite that dysfunctional. Close.

Sarah, Michael, & Megan

Life After Lockup Recap: Broken Bonds

We pick back up with Michael telling Sarah they need to get a divorce. She’s upset that he said it in front o the child. Why is she upset here? THIS IS THE REASON SHE WENT THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Yes, he said it in front of their daughters, but they’d find out eventually. He admits to Sarah that he loves Megan, and she breaks down into tears.

How is this news to her? Megan is the least of her problems. The marriage was fractured from the start. Also, does Sarah’s voice irritate anyone else? Like what is that?

Michael and Sarah fight after he wonders why he didn’t get alone time with their daughter. She says he needs to work toward that. They need a mediator in their situation. Neither are capable of having a serious conversation with a clear head.

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Michael confesses that he only proposed to Sarah to gain access to their daughter. Naturally, this makes her cry even more. I’m sure that hurts, but nothing Michael says or does should shock her.

He goes even further, saying that he was never in love with her. It’s sad to see a family fall apart like this, but staying together isn’t always the best option. When it’s this toxic, it’s time to walk away.

Michael wants Sarah to love and respect his current self and not her ideal past version of him. Present Michael isn’t really a great guy either, so he’s asking for a lot there.

Sarah is heading back to New York, and she feels drained. She finally comes to terms with the fact that this Michael isn’t the Michael she fell in love with. SHE FINALLY WALKED AWAY. FINALLY.

I didn’t think this day would actually come. Now the question shifts to whether or not Michael will end up with Megan with Sarah out of the picture.

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Michael tells Megan that his marriage is over, and she wonders if he’s being serious. He reassures her, but he is still thinking back to her kissing his friend. Get over it. You cheated on your wife with Megan, so you can’t really talk.

She doesn’t know how legitimate his claims are. He has lied to her many times in the past, so her guard is up with Michael. Everyone should walk away from him because he doesn’t know how to be faithful.

Michael’s finished with parole which makes his mother and sister beaming with joy. He never wants to backtrack into a life of crime again. His first order of business is to handle things with Megan. I’m hoping she chooses to walk away.

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His mother blames Megan for the end of his marriage, but that responsibility should fall mostly on Michael. This time, it’s Michael with a secret for Megan. Hopefully, it’s more exciting than her dud secret about kissing his friend.

Michael arrives in Texas to surprise Megan. He’s carrying this big secret, and I have no idea what to expect. While he’s in the car on the way to her house, Michael gets a phone call. MICHAEL HAS A THIRD WOMAN. This man will NEVER change.

Michael wants him and Megan to be together, and that is that. Okay? What a weird ending.

Scott & Lizzie

Life After Lockup Recap: Broken Bonds

Lizzie reiterates to Scott that she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. Why would she? She wants to avoid jail and can’t be around an active drug user.

Scott blocks her car to keep her from leaving, and she demands he move. He won’t get away from her car, and then he chucks a ton of money at her. Was anyone else surprised that she didn’t take any of the cash on the ground? I know I was.

Can we also take a moment to discuss how crazy Scott was after she left? He took a bat to his own vehicle for no reason. Lizzie isn’t a grand prize, so no need to cause property damage over losing her.

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What Scott really needs is a nice long stint in rehab to help with his addiction. He was on edge and unhinged throughout Lizzie’s entire visit. When Lizzie of all people is the rational voice in the room, you know you have a problem.

Her daughter is graduating, and I have to say that she looks really healthy here. You can tell that she’s actually clean and sober. This is probably the best we’ve seen Lizzie look on the series.

Her mother and daughter are happy to have her for the family event. Everyone is grateful to see Lizzie in such a great place, and she’s finally reclaiming her life back.

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Lizzie’s daughter doesn’t take the news well that she went to visit Scott. The train wreck is finally over.


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