Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, & Braunwyn Windham-Burke Claim They Didn’t Know They Were Being Recorded When They Talked About Kelly Dodd Train Rumors

When Vicki Gunvalson is backed into a corner, she cannot help but make things even worse for herself (and her victim of choice). Everyone advised her to back off after she accused Kelly Dodd of doing cocaine, but, instead, she doubled down and claimed that she was actually such a good person because she kept other things private.

That was Tamra Judge’s cue to mention “the train.” Clearly, this was orchestrated. Everyone with eyes can see that. The Real Housewives of Orange County viewers are smart. They didn’t believe it when they all talked about how they “didn’t want to talk about this” rumor. Yet, there they were talking about it in front of a reality TV crew; i.e. making it a storyline.

The Orange County Housewives insisted that they did not want to talk about this on the show, yet they talked about this on the show: at the girls’ group dinner, in the car after, during their confessional interviews, and during the cast outing to Beverly Hills. So much for “not spreading” that rumor.

Now, Shannon Beador insists that they really had no idea they were being recorded. Sure, Jan. In an Instagram post, Shannon wrote, “I refused to say anything until the cameras were off and no one was mic’d. And I made sure no one had a microphone on them when we got into the car. What I didn’t know is that there was still audio in the car after our dinner. #truth #notahypocrite #goodfriend#rhoc.”

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How long has she been a cast member on this show? Shouldn’t she know that there is audio in the cars? Even I know that. Come on, girl.

RHOC new girl Braunwyn Windham-Burke commented, “Shannon spent most of our ‘after’ night trying to shut down this rumor, she really did not want this out there, also car cameras are huge and take up a ton of room, I always assumed if they weren’t in the car, we weren’t being recorded.” Fair enough, but what about TamraShe is the one who first mentioned the word “train” on the show and it seemed very deliberant.

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In response to a fan who commented on Shannon’s post, Tamra wrote, “we found out later in our interviews that we were recorded and had to answer our interview questions.” Again, I’m reminding you all that Tamra said the word “train” before anyone else did and she knew she was being filmed.

Tamra took to Instagram with her own post to spin the scandal in her favor share her side of the situation. Tamra wrote, “Lots of people are questioning why the 4 of us would talk about something private on camera then say ‘this lies and dies here’. The absolute truth is we were done filming, Not mic’d and had a private conversation (lot of it missing) between 4 friends. We had No idea our audio was being recorded, that’s why you don’t see our faces.” Right.

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Tamra made sure to add in, “lets not forget kelly knew she was being filmed when she yelled out the rumor about David [Beador] & Eddie [Judge].” So did Tamra’s now-BFF Vicki Gunvalson. She couldn’t stop talking about those rumors for multiple seasons, but I guess Tamra has a selective memory. She wouldn’t be the first Housewife to suffer from this.

If Vicki spreads rumors about Shannon and Tamra’s family members, then she gets to wear a Tres Amigas necklace. If Kelly does the same thing, Tamra spreads rumors of a sex train.

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