Tamra Judge Says She “Never Did 1 Thing” To Kelly Dodd; Says Bravo Needs To “Control” Kelly’s Mouth

At this point in the current Real Housewives of Orange County season, Tamra Judge seems to be getting along with Kelly Dodd. She laughed hysterically at the pig emoji video Kelly posted about Tamra’s alliance member bestie Vicki Gunvalson. She even encouraged Kelly and Vicki to make peace at her housewarming party. However, the experienced RHOC viewers know that Tamra was merely stirring the pot. Tamra, the peacemaker? That’s a very unlikely scenario.

Behind Kelly’s back Tamra brought up “the train” story in an obviously orchestrated move that she pre-planned with Vicki. Tamra may seem fine with Kelly, but clearly she was plotting behind the scenes. Nevertheless, Tamra doesn’t realize how smart the viewers actually are. Instead, she claims that she has never done a single thing to Kelly and expects fans to believe that. Ummm, excuse me, Tamra. Have you ever watched this show? Or does she just have what Erika Jayne would classify as “pretend amnesia”?

In a recent interview with People, Tamra took some not-so-subtle jabs at Kelly. In the same interview, she also skipped out on some opportunities to stand up for her girl Vicki. How shocking. Instead she said that the pig emoji video was “a little bit funny.”

Then, Tamra backtracked and added, “It was mean. It was mean-spirited and she knew clearly what she was doing. The tone in her voice was so just nasty.” Tamra Judge: a master at playing both sides.

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Tamra claimed, “I actually tried to help Kelly all season.” Was it “helping” when Tamra brought up that “train”? Or was Tamra referring to the fight she attempted instigate between Kelly and Vicki to get more camera time for her housewarming party? If that is the type of “help” that Tamra offers, then count me out.

Tammy Sue insisted, “I felt sorry for her. I know what it feels like. Vicki put me in a situation with [husband] Eddie [Judge] a couple years ago. I was trying to help her out.”

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Let’s revisit that again. Vicki spread rumors that Tamra’s husband was gay and cheating on her, yet this is the person Tamra chose to align with. Oh, and Tamra was wearing a “Tres Amigas” necklace during this interview. How does any of this make any sense? These two should not be friends.

Tamra teased, “Then, as soon as I turned around, she just put that knife right in my back.” Right. With zero instigation from Tamra.

Tamra even claimed, “I never did one thing to this girl. Nothing.” Yeah. Right.

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Tamra addressed Kelly’s recent comments about Tamra and Vicki’s storylines getting “stale.” Tamra shared, “It’s Kelly being Kelly. She hits below the belt. There’s a lot of things that I could say. I’m just not that person. I won’t go that low.” THAT was hitting below the belt?  Both Kelly and Tamra have said way worse. Many times. And, you know what, it’s not exactly fresh content to see Tamra moving into yet another new house and Vicki lashing out in response to  (rude) remarks about her personal appearance.

Tamra alleged, “She’s just being nasty. She actually got in trouble for that. She got in a lot of trouble for that.” Really? If anything Kelly’s vitriol is just additional publicity for the show.

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Tamra continued, “I think they need to control her mouth. She goes after family members. It’s not nice.” So did Vicki, yet Tamra is her BFF again. Tamra also remarked, “She just talks out of her ass all the time, then worries about it later. She can’t control it.” No she can’t and that is why Kelly is such polarizing character, but at least she’s not boring.

Tamra declared, “You have to be careful when you throw out accusations like that. I would never say someone needs to be fired. I would never say Kelly needs to be fired.” Since when is saying that someone’s storyline is “stale” classified as an accusation?

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