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Tamra Judge Says Kelly Dodd Is The New Brandi Glanville; Tamra & Brandi Feud On Twitter

No shade, but I never felt like Brandi Glanville fit in on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I always believed that she was better suited for Real Housewives of Orange County. Just imagine how different RHOC would have been if Brandi was arguing with Tamra Judge.

Well, you don’t have to stretch the imagination too far for this one since Brandi and Tamra are currently embroiled in a social media feud over Kelly Dodd, actually.

It all started when Tamra responded to an Instagram comment with the declaration, “she’s the new Brandi.” The Instagram account iRealHousewives grabbed a screenshot, and, of course, Brandi found out about those comments.

Brandi also responded to some other Instagram comments. Sorry about the grammar on this one, but one Instagram user wrote, “Although i think at times, kelly is classless, but they are trying to really scar her. Its aweful to watch.”

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Brandi responded with equally terrible grammar: “I love her. I understand her, but honestly she is going through a public divorce with custody issues they already said she did drugs now they are repeating (or I think making up) a rumor to fully put her in the grave. Not cool.” Obviously, Brandi is referring to those “sex train” rumors that Tamra brought to light on the show in an obviously staged setup with Vicki Gunvalson.

Brandi tweeted, “I have much to say on the toxic trick that is Tamara but I’m going to enjoy my holiday wknd first & address it on my next you tube episode. CUNT fucking wait!” She purposely spelled Tamra’s name wrong, right?

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Tamra replied to that withlooks like someone needs a little attention. Who knew saying “kelly is the new Brandi” she’d lose her shit. It’s not like I called her a hypothetical asshole . #calmdowngirl #attorneywatching #heresyourattention #takeitallin.” What could Tamra possibly sue for? It’s not as if Brandi spread rumors about Tamra participating in a sex train…

When someone said Tamra wasn’t “way off base” calling out Brandi for seeking attention, Brandi retorted, “She called me out for zero reason, but ok.” She had a reason: to detract from the fact that she brought up this awful story about Kelly while filming a reality TV show.

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At one point, Brandi shared a screenshot of her Twitter exchange with Tamra to get more spotlight on this feud. She also addressed Tamra’s threat to bring an attorney in when she wrote, “So predictable! Cowards throw a stone and then hide behind their bank accounts so you can’t actually respond to them!”

This prompted Tamra to say, “Sweetie you threw the stone.” Umm, how? Did she forget that we have all been reading this throughout the weekend? Maybe it’s similar to how Tamra seemed to forget she was being filmed when she was the one who brought up those train rumors and put the blame on Vicki.

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Brandi told Tamra, “Honey, how? Because I think your Meh-ssy?? Babe your loud , predictable and uninteresting. Its just a fact no stones thrown.” Very strong facts. Tamra hasn’t had a storyline in some time. She stirs the pot, uses her children for a storyline, and moves into a new house every season. That’s about it.

In response to a fan, Brandi classified the train rumor as “Me 2-ish I just feel this has gone to far & its not just a knee jerk reaction. Seems very premeditated.”

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And Tamra called out Brandi for having a YouTube channel: “You’re on YouTube and the queen of messy, you can’t even keep it interesting on reality TV.” Let’s be honest, love her or hate her, Brandi was always interesting on TV. Tamra cannot say the same.


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