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Brandi Glanville Thinks Gina Kirschenheiter’s Life “Mirrors” Hers After Gina Admits Husband’s Infidelity

Hopefully, things can only go up for Gina Kirschenheiter. After beginning 2019 with multiple driving offenses and a DUI, the Real Housewives of Orange County star needs a break. When the initial phase of moving violations slowed down, Gina found herself possibly reconciling with her estranged husband Matt. Unfortunately,that lasted about 5 minutes. Thanks to alcohol and hurt feelings, Matt engaged Gina in a violent outburst which got him a nice pair of handcuffs.

As a result of the arrest, Matt lost his job. He also officially lost his wife. The former couple then found themselves battling for custody of their three children. So we can all agree at this point that things are pretty bad for Gina. Humiliating DUI, check. Public divorce with cheating allegations, check. Having to associate with Vicki Gunvalson, check. Well friends, it has gotten worse. Gina’s trials and tribulations have caught the attention of ex  Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills cast member, Brandi Glanville. Here comes last straw. The rock bottom. Ladies and gentlemen, Brandi is now comparing herself to Gina…

Once your life has reached a particularly nasty snag, tides will eventually turn for the better. It seems like that will be the case for Gina. She’s gone through a lot during her short time on reality television. In her defense, it is an abrupt lifestyle change of pace that can be difficult even for veterans. But Gina apparently isn’t out of the woods yet. Once your life starts appearing on Brandi’s radar, it might be time for a radical switch-up.

On August 20, Brandi found herself in a somewhat induced melancholy state and took to Twitter with a few opinions. These “opinions” were apparently sponsored by Xanax. Brandi wrote, “Omg I’m sad mellowing on my Xanax but realizing that OC Gina life is mirroring mine… two kids,cheating ex, dui, and then housewives praying for her.”

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Well then! To be clear, only Gina and Brandi have ever had DUIs and unfaithful husbands. Literally just those two women in the whole world. Also, Gina has three kids but numbers are hard, you guys! Thankfully, Brandi was lucid enough to see her mistake and then correct herself, “Sorry 3 kids not 2.” See, they aren’t EXACTLY like after all.

Perhaps Gina’s current dilemmas could serve as a trigger for Brandi. After all, Brandi’s ex-hubby Eddie Cibrian did cheat on her with Scheana Marieand probably 98 more people. Brandi does have a relationship with alcohol that one could call… close. Maybe watching Gina struggle was just too much for Brandi to handle.

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Perhaps Brandi should stop torturing herself by watching a franchise that used to pay her bills. Something is upsetting her because she kept on Tweeting, “I have to go to sleep no drinking and tweeting tonight, crippling anxiety head is mush but body is still locked in Rigamortus mode.” Brandi is also not a fan of commas.

Does someone need attention? In all seriousness, crippling anxiety is the absolute worst. But does drinking and downing Xanax help the situation? Maybe it does, Brandi closed the evening with, “I’m going to do some teeeting [sic] later tonight but I just took a Xanax so I am very mellow.”

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Suuuuuuure, Jan. Brandi’s followers had little to say about her comparison to Gina and EVERYTHING to say about her Xanax usage. One commenter wrote, “[Xanax is] very habit forming and only masks the problem.” Another fan wrote, “Abusing prescription drugs again, smdh.”

Gina has not responded to any of Brandi’s comments, but people are still writing to Brandi. What would be nice is to see great things happen for both Gina and Brandi. I know her filter is broken and she earned her bad reputation, I just can’t kick someone when they’re down. But there’s always tomorrow.


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