Married At First Sight Recap- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

On last night’s episode of Married At First Sight, there were only 5 days left in the experiment before the couples made a BIG decision. The retreat was coming to a close and we are one step closer to decision day. Something tells me this last week won’t be easy. Knowing this group, there will definitely be some drama.

In fact, one person finds out a shocking secret about their spouse. The viewers don’t need to find out a secret to know half of this group is doomed. Let’s get right into the Married At First Sight episode!

Married At First Sight Recap- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Elizabeth Bice meets with her mom to discuss her marriage. She is still unsure if she can get over some of the treacherous comments Jamie Thompson has made. Both of these people need to stand back to back and run in the opposite direction.

Clearly, her mother is desperate to get rid of her daughter, she advises her to stay with her husband. She believes that Elizabeth can eventually change him. Either her mom isn’t aware of everything that has happened or she doesn’t want her only daughter to be alone. I recommend that she is alone with a good therapist.

Jamie sits down with Elizabeth‘s best friend and once again complains about the lack of sex in his marriage. Ummm… didn’t he just say that HE decided it off the table on the last episode?  Luckily, this friend has common sense and is well-versed in women’s emotions.

He reasons that Elizabeth may not be interested in sex when they are disconnected in other ways. Bingo! We also know that Elizabeth isn’t being wowed by her husband’s “Caucasian sex.” If these two break up every week, it may stunt sexy time. Yes, Elizabeth is crazy, but Jamie hits way below the belt when he is upset. Personally, I would have been out the door a long time ago.

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Married At First Sight Recap- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Greg Okotie shares his frustrations with one of his good friends. He still is worried that his wife, Deonna McNeill, may never fully open up to him. He is frustrated by Deonna’s willingness to be with the experts and not him. His friend poses some great questions. Greg even begins to doubt some of his answers during the conversation. Poor Greg, he wants desperately for his marriage to work.

Meanwhile, Deonna meets with her girlfriends. They grill her about her sex life and other issues in her marriage. She admits she struggles with the fact that Greg over-analyzes everything, which conflicts with her personality. Honestly, I think she is afraid to allow herself to truly trust anyone. Hell, she had one bad relationship and gave up on love for 10 years. Talk about a woman scorned!

Married At First Sight Recap- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Married At First Sight Recap- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Keith Manley meets with his mom to talk about decision day. He is on the fence about staying in his marriage. Although Iris Caldwell has many qualities he admires, he still can’t ignore her maturity level. Trust me, Keith, viewers can’t ignore it either. Iris seems exhausting to say the least. I think her issues have more to do with being sheltered and only child syndrome than her virginity. Seriously, who complains about people drinking “your” juice, when you host a party?

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That alone says A LOT! Side note, I love Keith’s mom. She has a way of posing a question, without forcing an opinion. You can tell Keith has the weight of the world on his mind. On one hand, he can see why they were matched. On the other, he doesn’t know if they can overcome all their obstacles.

Married At First Sight Recap- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Married At First Sight Recap- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Iris meets with her mom and a friend. She wants to stay married to Keith. Her mother inquires about consummating the marriage. She claims she doesn’t know where her husband stands, but it will happen naturally.

I find it quite odd, that she was so comfortable talking to her mom about sex, but not at all comfortable talking Keith. To this day, I would be reduced to a nine-year-old girl, if my mother wanted to talk to me about sex. I may be in the minority, but I would think if you can do that, why can’t she be honest with your husband?

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Married At First Sight Recap- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Matt Gwynne, the wanderer, meets with his friend to talk about his wife, Amber Bowles. This man is a liar, and his friend is in on the lie. Matt makes it seem like Amber has a problem with him spending time with his friends.

Does he realize his actions are being filmed? Matt admits he finds Amber’s need to be with him “so often”annoying. He goes further to say he doesn’t have those urges to be around her all the time. Duh, we can tell!

Amber, give up on this loser. He hasn’t invested anything into you, besides his penis. That isn’t enough for a marriage. Amber hasn’t met his family, friends and he literally runs from being alone with you after the cameras leave.  Why is she so enamored with this lanky man?

Married At First Sight Recap- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Greg surprises Deonna with a romantic night of pool and wine on their last night before the meeting with the experts. He suggests every time someone hits a ball, the other is able to ask a question. At one point, things become super awkward when Greg asks Deonna if she loves him. Whoa, slow down there buddy. This girl can barely answer basic questions about her feelings. He must want to set himself up to be disappointed. Deonna admits she doesn’t know if she loves him yet. Did he really expect her to just say yes?

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Married At First Sight Recap- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Elizabeth and Jamie have dinner before decision day. Jamie admits he still has several concerns about their relationship. Things go downhill when Elizabeth mentions them tabling sex. Little does she know, she just opened the flood gates. Jamie uses that opening to tell her she doesn’t back up what she says about sex. He even goes as far to say that she isn’t “a sexual being.” I am starting to think Jamie a sex addict.

It seems like he takes every opportunity to constantly express his need for more sex. Elizabeth claimed they had sex every day before they decided to stop, so this weird. Whoa, this conversation is going downhill fast. He begins to scold Elizabeth like a child and gives her an ultimatum. Well, that is one way to get someone to make a decision.  Please just put us out of our misery and break up.

Married At First Sight Recap- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Matt and Amber reminisce about their fling marriage on their last romantic date, before decision day. Once again, Matt says all the right things and means none of it. Is she really this desperate and naive? We already know the answer, YES! Amber, girl, let this fool go, immediately.

Iris and Keith go on a date. She gets right to the point and asks if her virginity is still an issue. Keith admits that it remains an obstacle in their marriage. Always the patient man, Keith redirects the conversation to a more positive direction. I just don’t see these two working out. I fear Iris’ heart will be broken, but she needs to grow up a bit.

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It’s the day before decision day and the pressure is on! The experts ask the group to spend the night away from their spouses before decisions are revealed. It’s obvious many are quite nervous and anxious to find out their fate. We all know, even if some of these people stay together, a divorce is inevitable.

The only couple I am rooting for at this point is Deonna and Greg. I like Keith, but I don’t think he is truly happy with Iris. I think eventually Iris will make a great wife, but she has some maturing to do first.

Married At First Sight Recap- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Amber goes to her friend Raven’s house to talk to him before she makes her decision. He reveals he saw Matt at a bar with another woman. Duh! Did she think he was playing Uno with his friends into the wee hours of the morning every night?

Amber has an emotional breakdown now that she is faced with the truth she has tried to deny for her ENTIRE marriage. There is no way she didn’t think there was a possibility of cheating when Matt isn’t home most of the week. Insert side eye emoji here.

How many times are you going to allow a man to disrespect you and your marriage? Matt, please crawl back into whatever cardboard box production found you in. It’s clear you joined the cast for all the WRONG reasons. Hopefully, Amber finds her inner strength and totally embarrasses him on decision day. Who else can’t wait until the Tell All!!!!!

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Married At First Sight Recap- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not


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