Brandi Glanville Blasts Tamra Judge For Lack Of Relationship With Daughter; Says She’s Not “Sharpest Tool In The Shed”

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There was this one time I actually agreed with Brandi Glanville… So we are on about Round 10 in the war of words between former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi and current rival, Tamra Judge. As Real Housewives of Orange County is currently airing, Tamra seems to be keeping busy offscreen too. Busy irritating Brandi, that is.

It began like just another day… The sun came up. Birds sang. Tamra was running her mouth on social media. She happened to bash Kelly Dodd in an Instagram thread, which isn’t breaking news. You know, because lowkey accusing someone of tossing their mom down a flight of stairs isn’t enough. But then Tamra declared that Kelly is “the new Brandi”. As you might be aware, Brandi is no stranger to mass communication and responded accordingly. Then the two engaged in some rather tense words. Now, much like Kim Richards’ dog with someone’s leg a bone, Brandi isn’t dropping the issue.

This whole thing started because of a stupid rumor. Are we calling it #ridethetraingate? I’m still in the dark at what is so scandalous about a single mother having sex with whomever she wants. If it’s not going on in Macy’s front window, who cares? Brandi shared her thoughts on how Kelly was being treated and the RHOC Elder took it to the limit.

Usually these feuds have an expiration date, but this JOURNEY continues. On September 5 Tamra did an interview with HollywoodLife where she again compared Brandi to Kelly and implied they are both “unstable”. I’m sensing an odd pattern here.

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In response, Brandi took to Twitter with, “Wtf is wrong with you @TamraBarney ? Your [sic] now saying I’m unstable? Both of my children love adore & talk to me about everything! I don’t think you can say the same about yours can you? I don’t know you nor do I want to. I will see you on the 19th tiny fucking dancer SPEAK THEN.”

Note to self, put “tiny fucking dancer” in vocabulary rotation. I get that Brandi is in defense mode, but why bring the kids into it? Also, yeah, Tamra should probably concentrate on her own kids. Maybe discuss how not to be a douchelord threaten people online with her son? Also, what happens on the 19th?? Music festival? Book club meeting? Will they be dance fighting?

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Brandi then shared some advice for Tamra, “Dear @TamraBarney Cunt you’re coming for the wrong person. leave my name out of your fucking mouth I’m not on your show . I do a talk show about reality television shows if me saying your “meh” is sending you over the edge maybe your the unstable one get help!! see you soon.” Is this like “See you soon!” at a party or “See you soon….” in a dark alley?

That’s not all, folks! Brandi also referred to Tammy Sue’s lawyer threat, “It’s funny when @TamraBarney threatens me with a lawyer and then Publicly calls me unstable. Poor thing she’s just not the sharpest tool in the shed”. Um, well, I guess she has a point there?

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After zero response from Tamra, Brandi closed it out with, “100% that bitch. I’m going to hang with my girlfriends because I actually have friends.”

Well alright! It’s not Roadhouse, but it’ll do. I’m sure we haven’t seen the end of this mind-boggling saga. Tiny fucking dancer Tamra certainly won’t let Brandi have the last word.

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