Married At First Sight Finale Recap- The Forever Decision

On this week’s episode of Married At First Sight, it was the day we all have been waiting for…DECISION DAY! After eight weeks of new adventures, explosive arguments, and complete desperation, we finally find out plans for the future. The Married At First Sight couples must decide if they want to stay married or get a divorce. This is going to get messy!

I have made it clear, my favorite couple is Deonna McNeill and Greg Okotie.  Keith Manley and Iris Caldwell get an honorable mention, although I don’t think they are suited for one another. But I am most interested in what Amber Bowles, Matt Gwynne,Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson will do about their marriages. Honestly, if Amber chooses to stay with Matt, I may lose my mind. I just want to shake her and force her to use this last episode as her redemption. It’s not her fault she was paired with the nomad from hell. Let’s get straight to the Married At First Sight recap!

Married At First Sight Finale Recap- The Forever Decision

Deonna and Greg are the first couple to sit with the experts. Hmmm… this is an interesting choice. It either means they are starting on a good note or there is a lot of drama to come. Deonna is playing it cool as usual. It’s hard to get a read on her early in the conversation. She admits that it bothers her that she feels forced to talk about her feelings. She would prefer the chance to process first. Greg admits their biggest challenge has been communication. But they have been working on improving this throughout the experiment.

I am sitting on the edge of my seat when the experts ask if they want to stay married. Greg chooses to stay with Deonna. His biggest fear has been that their relationship may remain stagnant. Although his wife’s changes have been slow and steady, he thinks they have a real shot at their marriage.

Okay, Deonna, don’t let fear mess this up for you! Deonna decides to stay married and admits she is growing in love with her husband. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Now girl, don’t start slacking when you don’t have weekly check-ins from the experts. I am so happy that at least one couple truly seems like a good match. If none of the other Married At First Sight couples work out, I am fine with that. Sorry, not sorry!

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Married At First Sight Finale Recap- The Forever Decision

Iris and Keith are the second couple to sit in the hot seat. Personally, I can’t make heads or tails out of this one. I think if Keith stays married, it’s because he doesn’t want to hurt his wife. Hopefully, whatever he decides, he remains true to himself. I don’t think this marriage is equally yoked, but I wouldn’t be upset either way. Just because I find Iris annoying doesn’t mean Keith does.

In the beginning of the meeting, they both are very complimentary towards one another. Keith admits that this relationship has been a challenge and very different than anything he has experienced. Pastor Calvin Roberson cuts to the chase and asks Keith if he is sexually frustrated. He claims it’s not frustration; it’s just a challenging situation. Semantics!

Married At First Sight Finale Recap- The Forever Decision

Iris looks like she is going to have a break down until Keith adds that he is very attracted to her. She is asked about her decision first and, of course, she wants to stay married.  Keith hems and haws for a while and I know immediately things are about to go downhill. Keith thanks Iris for being so supportive during his grandmother’s death, but ultimately, he declines to stay together.

Iris is devastated. She questions if he was truly serious about marriage. Keith lets her down in nicest way possible. He believes that she is an amazing woman, but doesn’t think they are in the same place. I am glad that Keith was honest and didn’t feel pressured into making a bad decision.

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Iris, dear, you will land on your feet. Please watch this season with people who have relationship experience and use it as a learning experience. I believe once you mature, you will make some man happy, just not Keith.

Married At First Sight Finale Recap- The Forever Decision

Amber and Matt are the third couple to meet with the Married At First Sight experts. This meeting will be on the heels of Amber finding out that her husband has been seeing other women. The experts ask them about the best parts of being married. Matt answers that not being alone is the best part. I think he forgot that you are supposed to be with your wife, not other women. The experts ask Matt why he told them he was going to take his marriage seriously, but continued to stay out.

Matt is so full of BS. He claims that he was holding out hope, but at times, felt that he and Amber were only “friends.” I guess friends have sex and are married in his eyes.

Amber reveals she was humiliated when several people made her aware of Matt’s numerous instances of cheating. Matt apologizes then feeds Amber more lies. He thinks they still have potential. Ummm….Bish, where?????

I think Pastor Calvin’s facial expressions said everything I was thinking. Amber decides she wants a divorce. I almost thought she was going to stay with this lanky loser. He literally made a fool of her for two months. Matt agrees they need to divorce after getting a bit of a tongue lashing from his wife. He practically runs out the door when the meeting ends. I guess he has another Tinder date for the night.

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Married At First Sight Finale Recap- The Forever Decision

Now, ladies and gentleman, the couple we have all been waiting for, Jamie and Elizabeth. Please let these two, just part ways. They are probably the most toxic couple on this season of Married At First Sight. Their pets more than likely have PTSD from witnessing all of the explosive fights. Once again Jamie complains that he isn’t getting enough sex. Elizabeth reminds him there are other ways to connect besides sex. Elizabeth decides that she want to stay married. Ughhhhh. Are you serious?

 Jamie thinks there are some great things about their marriage, but there are many negatives. You can visibly see Elizabeth’s confidence wavering. After a long monologue, Jamie decides there is too much “positivity” to throw it all away. Is he confusing the word “positive” with “negative”? I’m sure more will be revealed on the reunion. I am dying to see if they both feel the same way after the cameras leave.

Personally, I would have kicked Jamie to the curb after his abusive comments. Even Greg is stunned Elizabeth and Jamie stayed together when they meet for a barbecue later that evening.

Married At First Sight Finale Recap- The Forever Decision

Married At First Sight Finale Recap- The Forever Decision

Amber joins Deonna and Elizabeth at the barbecue to vent about Matt cheating. The girls are shocked that Matt would date other women while he is still married. When Matt and Keith arrive you can cut the tension with a knife. Amber takes this opportunity to give him a piece of her mind. Matt has clearly already checked out and simply says “chapter closed.”

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Elizabeth jumps in and questions why Matt would be so mean. Duh, the guy joined the cast for all the wrong reasons. It’s apparent Matt wasn’t serious about Amber or the marriage. If Amber is looking for closure, she won’t find it in her soon-to-be ex-husband. Matt storms out of the party when he realizes he is public enemy number one.

Keith is asked about his decision. Although he decided to get a divorce, he can’t say what will happen in the future. This seems to make Iris happy. She even goes as far to say, if he can work on himself, there may be hope. Okay, this is where I laughed. Talk about a lack of self-reflection. Iris, baby girl, YOU have many things to work on yourself, dear. Please watch this season of Married At First Sight with an honest person, if you can’t figure it out on your own.


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