Emily Simpson’s Husband Shane Was Accused Of Drug Use & Abuse In Previous Marriage

Real Housewives of Orange County practicing attorney, Emily Simpson might need to hone her skills of observation. Let’s talk about the husband! Shane Simpson and Emily have been married since 2009 and have three super cute kids. But the stability of Shane and Emily’s marriage has been up for debate since Shane was introduced to the show.

Shane has a few quirks. He does not like loud people. He prides himself on his sarcastic quips. And his hairline is running away from his forehead. But who cares, love is love, right? Maybe? In this case, Houston, we could have a problem. Shane might not be the most attentive husband in the world. And he may not be able to pass the California state bar exam. But Shane probably has a few good qualities, somewhere. We are all very familiar with the fact that reality television can be unkind to marriages. Right now, Emily is going through it while watching how her spouse treats her on the show. Now we are learning, Emily isn’t the only one that has received harsh treatment from Shane. His ex-wife has a few stories of her own.

Shane does not appear to be the friendliest guy ever, but viewers only see heavily edited portions of his winning personality. If we judge strictly on what we see on RHOC, Kelly Dodd might have been right about her opinion of Emily’s husband. Now we have some new information on Shane, and it isn’t very pretty.

Failing the bar exam again has got to suck. Know what else sucks? When details come out about how someone allegedly treated their first wife. According to documents obtained by Radar Online, Shane’s ex-wife Miriam had a very contentious divorce with the Shanester. In 2008, Orange County Superior Court documents showed Shane was accused of sexually, physically, and emotionally abusing his first wife. Allow me a moment so I can proceed with an unbiased opinion…

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In a declaration written after filing for divorce, Miriam wrote, “He [Shane] was physically abusive to me.” She also added, “[Shane] was sexually abusive to me.” There are no details on the extent of the alleged sexual abuse. In addition, Miriam alluded to the fact that Shane was “addicted to prescription medications” and the stress of the marriage led to Miriam’s poor health. She shared she was actually “near death”. RUN EMILY, RUN!

Shane’s ex-wife also stated, “[Shane] used and took prescription medications of others to quell his habit.” Did she just imply he stole pills? Miriam continued with, “[Shane] made me feel trapped and hopeless as a result of excessive control and lack of liberties placed upon me…Because of all the aforementioned abuse, stress, and circumstances, I became physically ill after months of diagnostic tests, blood transfusions, and other medical procedures, not only was I diagnosed with blood disorders caused by stress, my body was what seems to be near death and I had no choice but to leave.” It is important to note the court records to not state if the police were ever called in relation to the abuse claims.

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Naturally, Shane has denied these allegations. He claimed Miriam took their two children from California to Utah without his permission. Papers show, “[Miriam] filed for a dissolution of our marriage. At that time, Mother refused to allow me visitation with our children. For approximately one month after she moved to Utah, I did not know where our children were and was not allowed to visit with them.” Shane further stated, “In November 2007, Mother  went to Utah with our children for the Thanksgiving weekend and never returned to California.” Um, if you think your kids have been wrongly taken away, maybe call the cops?

Court documents show a judgment was filed on August 14, 2008, where Shane was ordered to pay $3,000 per month for child support. Shane An RHOC insider advised Radar Online that the bad blood between Shane and Miriam is over. Now they share 50/50 custody of their teen children.

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“This was years ago, and this is all behind them.” The source also said, “They all get along great now.” Well, that’s super if it really was resolved, but why is he so cold to his current wife? After spending 10 days in a hotel studying for the bar SURE, JAN, Shane could barely be bothered to kiss Emily. Hopefully, things will take a turn for the better. Or Emily learns a lesson in walking away from red flags instead of waving them.


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