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Love After Lockup Recap: The Mother Of All Surprises

Love After Lockup is getting INSANE this season. The storyline with Lacey, John, & Shane is so wild. How long can she keep playing both of these men? It’s going to be so bad for her when one or both men catch on to her scheme. Train wreck television at its finest ladies and gentleman

Lacey isn’t the only one stirring up the drama this season though. On last week’s Love After Lockup episode Angela also found herself having to choose between two men. I still can’t believe her close friend proposed to her. These people treat weddings like they’re the most casual thing in the world. We don’t know the fate of her and Tony’s relationship yet, but he doesn’t seem that interested. Maybe that will all change in this episode. 

Andrea & Lamondre

Andrea Love After Lockup

Lamondre comes home tomorrow, and Andrea’s looking forward to being intimate with him. He’s been financially great to her. He even says he will buy her the car of her dreams.

Andrea thinks they will build each other up, but a phone call changes everything. Lamondre calls with very bad news, and Andrea is STUNNED.

What did she expect though? This guy is one of the most notorious criminals in the southeast US.

He tells Andrea he won’t be getting released anymore. She is BIG MAD. She throws her phone under the couch and storms away. When she comes back, she verifies with producers that it’s not a joke.

Angela & Tony

Angela Love After Lockup

Oh, Angela. She is being so conned right now, and she can’t even see it. In fact, she’s trying on WEDDING DRESSES instead. She’s so blinded by Tony!

She hasn’t seen him since she dropped him off. How is that not a red flag for her? He’s been working at a motel, so they haven’t seen each other. Despite a lack of interaction, she’s planning her dream wedding.

She doesn’t want any “bling bling” in her dress. Both of her friends think Tony is using Angela. Everyone in the world except Angela thinks that.

The first dress she tries on is actually really beautiful, and so is the second. Tony calls while she’s in her dress, and I have a bad feeling about this.

He tells her that he’s on the run because he never went back to the halfway house. WHAT WAS HE THINKING? Tony knows going back now will mean he gets sent back to jail.

That’s awful, but staying away even longer is going to make things infinitely worse. What a total mess of a person.

Angela’s devastated since she’s getting this news on the same day she’s getting her wedding dress. He refuses to tell Angela where he is because he doesn’t want to go back to jail.

Tony says this won’t end well for him, and she feels like something more is going on. He tells Angela he loves her, and the call ends.

Cheryl & Josh

Cheryl Love After Lockup

Cheryl and Josh are having lunch with his mom, and she’s nervous. These women and the felons’ moms never get along. She says she’s going to put a smile on her face and ignore the “bitch”.

That’s certainly one way of dealing with their issues. What about talking it out and working through the problem?

I can see why Josh’s mom doesn’t care for Cheryl though. She’s giving off horrible energy, and you can tell she doesn’t want to be there.

Josh wants Cheryl to stay in his bedroom with him, but his mom shuts that down quick. She accuses Cheryl of trying to sleep with her man. Wait for what?

They’re so dysfunctional, and I’m so here for it. Josh finds Cheryl and his mom similar which I can see. His mom says that it might not work out, so Cheryl gets up and walks away from the table.

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The mom doesn’t really seem that bad. She points out that the issue is how Cheryl reacts and storms away and how that isn’t productive.

Cheryl’s so disgusted about Josh living with his mother. He’s sporting a new ankle monitor, and he says it so casually. She’s really intense for no reason.

She says she will be hooked up to a lie detector to prove she didn’t have sex with her man. She won’t even drop him off in the right place because she doesn’t want to see his mom at all.

At the hotel, she has a full freak out on her sister. She is so over waiting for Josh. Why is she crying? It’s not THAT serious.

Lacey, John, & Shane

Lacey Love After Lockup

Shane’s been out of prison one day, and it’s already getting difficult for Lacey to keep her secret. She respects Shane for not pushing her to have sex. Now, she likes him even more.

He compares meeting her to meeting an angel from heaven. If heaven is full of cam girls with secret fiancés, then yes absolutely. Shane’s going to be so heartbroken when the truth comes out.

She’s glad she can be that person for him, but she’s really not. It’s all a sham, and eventually, the reality will catch up to her.

Lacey gets a text, and it’s from John. Uh oh. Try explaining this one. John says, “Why u ain’t pickin up my calls?? It feels like I care bout u more than u care bout me. I love u Lacey.” Ignoring John’s horrendous grammar, I feel kind of bad for the guy.

He’s going to be furious when he gets released. This is not a good situation.

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Lacey is aware this will blow up in her face, so she plans on telling Shane the truth about John. OOF. Chances are high they’ll fight each other over her and get sent back to prison.

If she’s aware of that being a possibility then why is she allowing this charade to continue this long? Lacey is torn what to do about her love triangle. She says her feelings for Shane have grown over the last few days. This is not good.

Her friend Miranda is the only person in on the secret, but how is she okay with this? She says she doesn’t understand it all, and we’re so with her.

She grills Shane and says she’d kill him if he ever hurt her. I don’t think Shane is the one to worry about her. It’s more likely that Lacey will hurt Shane. Lacey has no idea what she’s doing here.

Lizzy & Daniel

Daniel Love After Lockup

Daniel and Lizzy haven’t been together for years, and she can’t wait to have sex. I love how that’s all any of these people care about when they finally meet up.

Lizzy, Daniel, and his mom are meeting up with Lacey’s mom for dinner, and she acts them to behave. She thinks some problems might be ahead between the two moms.

Can’t we all just get along? Just kidding. That would be super boring to watch.

Lizzy gives a toast to Daniel coming home and the two families coming together. The tension at this table is real.

Daniel’s mom asks her mom what she thinks of them as a couple. She thinks if they have a solid foundation they’ll be fine. We are off to a good start with this dinner.

Next, Daniel’s mom says that she thinks they’ll be great together. However, Lizzy excuses her of hesitating. It didn’t same that way to me. In fact, I thought she answered rather quickly.

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It’s coming across like Lizzy wants there to be drama between her and his mother. His mom thinks that Lizzy can be too harsh at times.

Their plan for tonight is to drink, but his mom asks what happened last time they drank together. He was sent to PRISON last time. Are you sure this is what he should be doing post-release?

Is he even allowed to drink? So many questions running through my head right now.

Daniel says that was in the past, but his mom doesn’t think he’s ready for that. Partying should be the furthest thing from his mind.

Vince & AmberAmber Love After Lockup

The awkward saga of Vince and Amber continues. They’re SO weird together. Vince takes her mattress shopping for her room at her prison wife’s mother’s house. WHAT A SENTENCE.

In the creepiest way ever, Vince says this will be the first of many times on a bed together. This couple has a ZERO percent chance of ever sleeping together.

Amber is just waiting for Vince to leave, and then I doubt she’ll ever see him again. Vince has never been in a serious relationship before, and it shows.

They won’t be trying it out at Puppy’s mom’s house though. She doesn’t want any sex at her house, so Vince won’t be staying there at all.

Amber reveals that she met a man before the same way she met Vince. Not only did Amber meet him, but they were married for a year! WOAH. I wonder if Vince knows about this.

He’s never had a serious relationship, but his new woman was previously married! However, I don’t think these two will last much longer anyway. She needs to power through this awkward time and move on with her life after he leaves.

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Amber has no plans on having sex with Vince anytime soon. I can’t figure out why he’s so weird. He opens up to her about having a hard time fitting in. She asks him why, and his answer is so weird.

He says it was awkward on a bed with her since they didn’t have sex the first night. JUST WOW. She appreciates everything, but he’s fed up with the lack of affection. It’s been one day since they met. Slow down buddy.

Vince sets up her new bed and waits for cues that she’s ready to be intimate. However, Puppy’s mother has other plans. It’s lights out and bedtime for Amber.

Vince and Amber kiss, and it’s super awkward. Vince is frustrated because Amber needs time to process everything and wants to stay there. No sex for you buddy!

All of his expectations have been SHATTERED. If he wasn’t really creepy, I’d maybe feel bad.


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