Kim Richards

It could be said, where Housewives go, trouble often follows. Few Housewives have gotten themselves into as many legal pickles as former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards. In April of 2015, Kim was arrested for creating a disturbance at the Beverly Hills Hotel, with charges against her ranging from trespassing to battery on a police officer. In August of the same year, Kim was arrested for shoplifting at a Van Nuys Target. Kim eventually pled guilty in the Beverly Hills case and pled no contest to petty theft in the Target case.

In 2018, Kim settled a dog bite lawsuit with her former stylist. Kim was also sued in a second dog bite case. In her latest legal adventure (as far as we know!), Kim was sued by a ghostwriter for $9,999 in July of this year. The writer, Alison Kingsley Baker, claimed Kim owed her for services rendered. Now, there is an update in the case. And surprise, surprise–the case did not go in Kim’s favor.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Kim has been ordered to pay up to the tune of $5,075 to settle the case. $5,000 will go to Alison and $75 for court costs.

The court papers detail that Kim and Alison went before a judge on September 4, 2019. A source told Radar Online that when Kim testified, “She began unraveling excuse after excuse as to why she hadn’t paid her ghostwriter despite receiving a $300,000 advance from her publisher earlier this year.” Unraveling excuses…does that sound like anyone we know?

The source went on to say, “She [Kim] even mentioned having problems with her dog as to why she hadn’t paid up!” OK–that story is not going to fly with a judge, unless her dog is also her accountant. Which might not be out of the realm of possibility for Kim.

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You have to wonder how Kim gets into these jams. If anyone is in desperate need of a life coach, it is Kim Richards. However, the life coach would probably wind up in court with Kim trying to get payment for her services!

The Radar Online insider went on to share, “The judge was very patient with both sides, but swiftly rendered his verdict in favor of the plaintiff. Judges love contracts, and this was a contract signed by Kim saying she would pay her [Alison] once she was given money by the publisher.”

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According to the documents, if Kim pays the $5,075, the case will be dismissed. A compliance hearing was scheduled for October 4, 2019 in case Kim had not yet paid the amount owed.

Another source told Radar Online that Kim’s attorney “paid within three days of the order.” That wasn’t so hard, now was it Kim?

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All of this is very interesting–but not nearly as interesting as to why Kim has a ghostwriter. Just what is Kim writing? $300,000 is a fairly hefty advance, so I am hoping it is her autobiography. I doubt Kim is writing a cookbook or a tome on nuclear physics.

If Kyle Richards is not quaking in her five inch Louboutin heels right now, she probably should be. Can you imagine the tales Kim would have to tell in an autobiography? Chapter 1: “You Stole My Go**amn House. Chapter 2: “The Night My Sister Threw Me Under The Bus In The Back of a Limo.” You get the drift! Sister Kathy Hilton, who has often been on the outs with Kyle, would probably pre-order 100 autographed copies as Christmas gifts!

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Another person who might be a bit apprehensive if Kim wrote an autobiography would be Lisa Rinna. Chapter 3: “Tales From Amsterdam–The Harry Hamlin Chronicles.” It is safe to assume Lisa would not be pre-ordering any copies of Kim’s book to avoid lining her pockets with cash. But I bet Lisa could be found in disguise in Barnes and Noble, furiously paging through the book the day it was released.


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