Report: Kyle Richards Is Concerned About Kim Richards’ Sobriety & Mental Health

What’s going on with Kim Richards? We haven’t heard from the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star lately. With the drama surrounding sister, Kyle, and Lisa Vanderpump, there has been little focus on Kim and her personal struggles. We didn’t see much of Kimbo in Season 11, though she did show to Kyle’s birthday event for her daughter. Viewers recall Kim’s attempts to avoid a run-in with Lisa Rinna. Poor Lisa still can’t quit the Blue Bunny legacy. Kim and the rest of us moved on about three years ago… But Kim looked great, appeared to be in good health. She didn’t seem too bothered, until she was lectured on the finer points of forgiveness by Denise Richards.

It seems Kim had moved on. She is the grandmother to two and despite a pending lawsuit involving a ghost writer, Kim has been somewhat absent from the media. Recently, Kyle praised RHOBH for “saving Kim’s life“. She credits the show for holding Kim accountable for her actions and unable to “get away from anything”. This might be true, but it’s worth noting Kim didn’t out her private strife with substance abuse. Kim’s battle with addiction was announced in an almost calculating way, during an on-camera feud with Kyle. Since then, Kim has been under a microscope. Her storyline blossomed with tales of a sketchy man, habitual tardiness, and a dog with a taste for blood. After five seasons, Kim stopped filming to regain a solid hold of her life. As many do, Kim suffered a relapse and even had a brush with the law. Now new concerns for Kim have cropped up, and once again her family questions her well-being.

Kyle and Kim have had a contentious sibling relationship for years. Sometimes it seemed Kim was treated as the Richards Family Burden, though Kim’s career as a child star financed the family. She was the more successful daughter Big Kathy threw into show business, spending the majority of her youth in Hollywood. Kim has probably seen things, you guys. Maybe bad things. She had an unconventional life that lead to unconventional development, which resulted in an unconventional problem with drugs and alcohol. Her stint on RHOBH was successful, but even when Kim was calling someone a “slut pig” or threatening to reveal a damning secret, she was fighting monsters we couldn’t see.

The fight might not be over. According to Us Weekly, Kyle has “heard” some unfavorable news about Kim and is questioning her health. A source shared the update, “Kyle became aware that Kim was struggling in recent weeks and got extremely concerned based on what she was hearing.” The insider noted Kim is not “doing well” right now, and Kim hasn’t been on social media since June 20.

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Real quick, WHO LEAKED THIS STORY? Is Kim calling the gossip outlets and popping off firecrackers announcing the latest dish on her welfare? Doubtful. Anyone seen Rinna lately? The Richards Sisters aren’t joined at the hip, but they are getting along. The source explained Kim and Kyle are, “living their own lives for some time now,” but are on good terms.

No details have been released, but something triggered Kyle’s concern. “Kyle isn’t a doctor and can’t make that determination, which is why she is trying to get Kim into treatment.” Treatment for what? Even though Kim has a well-documented history with self-medicating, is something else wrong? “It’s going to be an ongoing conversation, but the good news is that Kim is being extremely receptive to Kyle, recognizing she is coming from a place of love.” Hopefully “coming from a place of love” won’t involve publicity. “Kyle isn’t giving up and is trying again to get Kim to agree. It’s more for mental health than sobriety issues,” the source admitted.

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Kim has NOT checked into a facility at this time, nor has a statement been made. Thankfully, Kyle has a valid interest in the well-being of her sister. Critics may feel RHOBH wasn’t the best environment for a person struggling with addiction. Maybe “nowhere to hide” isn’t the greatest option for someone overcoming a dependence. While Kim definitely had challenges, it could be said the best course for improvement didn’t lead with being outed on national television. Kim’s health should be a priority, not a storyline. So today, if you find yourself calling someone a “slut pig” or you’re praying to a squirrel by a trash can, send some good thoughts Kim’s way. Just in case.

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