Gina Kirschenheiter And Ex Matt Kirschenheiter Are Co-ParentingThrough A Website

Gina Kirschenheiter admitted on a recent episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County that she was not very forthcoming about what was really going on in her life last season. She made her divorce out to be a friendly conscious uncoupling ala Gwyneth Paltrow. Since then, of course, we have learned that Gina’s life has been very difficult behind the scenes. Earlier this season, Gina finally admittted that her then-husband Matt Kirschenheiter had been having an affair before their split.

A DUI in February started out a year of Gina being swept up in legal matters. In June, Gina was allegedly the victim of domestic violence by Matt. She took out a restraining order against him later that month. In August, Gina finalized her divorce. She was also awarded primary custody of their three children and $10,000 a month in support. A year like Gina’s would be incredibly difficult for anyone. So, how is she coping with all of this?

In an interview with US Weekly, Gina revealed one way she is managing the stress of her divorce and the accompanying legal issues. She and Matt are co-parenting through a website. Gina shared, “We correspond through a government monitored site, Talking Parents, but I actually do think that that really is the best thing for us and I actually do think it was really helpful for us.”

Gina went on to explain, “I would suggest that for a lot of people going through a divorce because you just, you can’t take the shots. So it kind of takes all of that out of it. It really just becomes about like, ‘OK, what are the issues at hand? What do we need to discuss?’ It’s mostly about the children. Right now that’s good enough for us and I think we can build off of that.”

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Talking Parents maintains records of communications between parents, so if there are disputes later on, the records can be retrieved. Just knowing that your correspondence is being monitored would probably make many people think twice about their words and actions.

Gina is optimistic that she and Matt will be able to co-parent together in the future. She stated, “I don’t think that it has to be bad forever. I’m a hopeful person, so I’m still really hopeful that in the future it won’t be like this and we can create kind of, like, ‘the new normal’ and set up really good boundaries to respect each other and still have a healthy co-parenting relationship for our kids.”

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So, how are the children coping with everything? Gina said, “I actually see them thriving and more comfortable and content than they’ve been in a long time. So I feel like it’s a really good thing for us.”

The hardest part in any divorce where children are involved has to be seeing your kids struggling. RHOC viewers have had a front row seat to the turmoil the divorce of Tamra Judge and Simon Barney had on their children. Not to mention the ugly split of Shannon Beador and David Beador.

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Part of the reason Gina feels her children are doing better is due to her own personal healing. She shared, “Now that I’m sort of moving on and finding my way on my own, my kids are responding positively to that and they’re also really happy when they’re with Matt…So I’m happy that everyone’s happy right now. It’s good.”

It sounds like Gina and Matt are starting to get to a better place in their divorce. For all their sakes, let’s hope the upswing continues.

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