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Below Deck Mediterranean: Ben Robinson Defends Captain Sandy Yawn For Being Tough On Hannah Ferrier

Hannah Ferrier was under Captain Sandy Yawn’s radar for most of the season.  With all the catastrophes to deal with in the galley, it was a hierarchy of needs situation.  It was all about supporting fledgling chef Anastasia Surmava after Mila Kolomeitseva left.  When Ben Robinson returned it not only finally gave Sirocco an experienced chef, it also elevated the expectation of professionalism and service.  If the food is amazing, the service and décor better match it.  Maybe that’s why Hannah was so uncomfortable upon Ben’s return.

It’s been a seasonal trend now on Below Deck Mediterranean.  At some point, Hannah would have to be roused from her complacent stupor.  Usually that task falls on Captain Sandy, but there have been several second stews that also voiced their concern about Hannah’s lack of initiative.  Her standard of, “the guests aren’t complaining,” just doesn’t cut it.  Now we can add Ben to the list of colleagues that Hannah will stubbornly refuse to learn from.

Ben discussed the latest episode with Bravo’s The Daily Dish.  He questioned Hannah’s management style.  Ben said, “I feel that Hannah hasn’t quite decided whether she’s going to be a boss, and actually, see the big picture and manage it.  Or, she’s going to be in the trenches with the workers.”

Ben then suggested how Hannah could improve.  “The problem is, we need a boss. We need a big picture boss,” he said, “I feel she’s great in the trenches and she’s great at the grunt work.  But at the same time we lose.  That labor detracts her from thinking, where are we going with this? What’s going to happen?”

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“A boss should not work as hard as the other employees because she’s making decisions,” Ben continued, “they should be more rested. A boss should be better rested than everyone else because one day there’s going to be a decision, she’s going to have to make that decision. It could be a very important decision.  It’s kinda how it is in yachting.”

The last thing Hannah needs to be told is to work less and sleep more.  We tried that last season.  But all joking aside, Ben has some valid points here.  The problem with Hannah is, she makes sure to minimize the amount of decisions in any scenario.  In the case of the previous charter’s white party, the only decision Hannah made was to order some balloons.

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Ben defended his position on social media as well.  After the episode aired, Ben tweeted this, “doesn’t everyone see a theme going on?  Bit of a coincidence that both myself and @CaptSandyYawn are unhappy with the interior?”  Sandy is great, just doesn’t like being ignored, and let down.”

One fan suggested that Ben and Sandy were, “being unreasonable.”  He responded with praise for Sandy.  That’s always a good strategy.  Ben wrote, “okay, I understand what you are saying, but @CaptSandyYawn is a fair lady, and has very high standards, we are so lucky to have a captain that’s in the game and realizes room for improvement…whether the delivery is sound or not, there is still a strong message…Well founded…”

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