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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Cynthia Bailey Will Change Her Name When She Marries Mike Hill; Dishes On Other Wedding Details

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey is all about the hashtag. Never forget the fiftieth birthday that went on for an entire year. If I have to see the hashtag “50 Cent” one more time…

Now, that Cynthia is getting married to Mike Hill, expect an influx of hashtags. She already wrote “#chill” in the captions for all of their photos. I get it, it’s clever C-Hill, Cynthia Hill, whatever. It was just way too much before they were actually engaged.

In an Instagram caption, Cynthia revealed that she and Mike will get married on October 10, 2020. She also announced, “I will officially be Mrs. Cynthia Denise Bailey-Hill!” I had no idea her middle name was “Denise.” She surprisingly hasn’t used it in any of her many hashtags or event names. I guess she finally ran out of ways to use the word “Bailey” in an event title. We will soon be subjected to many “Hill” titled events.

She also used too many hashtags (again): “#CHill #2020 #headoverhillswedding  #letschill #godswillnotours #chillwedding2020.” Wow. I am overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time.

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However, I’m wondering why she never took on the last name “Thomas” when she married Peter Thomas. Who could forget that wedding? Cynthia walked down the aisle next to a giant dinosaur skeleton after her mom and sister hid the marriage license to try and stop her. Hopefully, the family is a lot happier this time around. I’m also curious about whether or not Peter and Cynthia’s ex Leon Robinson will attend the event. I’m always down for a Leon cameo appearance.

Obviously,  I have no questions about whether or not the wedding will be filmed for the show. Aside from falling out with NeNe Leakes every three years, Cynthia has never had much of a storyline aside from promoting her random products. Love Cynthia as a human being, but as a Housewife, she doesn’t exactly “bring it.” I have no doubt that we will witness her bridal shower, bachelorette party, and wedding next season. I wouldn’t even be surprised if she showed us some honeymoon footage.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/ Bravo]