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Cynthia Bailey Blames Editing For Real Housewives Of Atlanta Finale Drama With NeNe Leakes

Season 11 of Real Housewives of Atlanta showed Cynthia Bailey hitting a lot of milestones. Cynthia sent her only child, Noelle Robinson, off to college. And she embraced a new love in her life, Mike Hill. In fact, Cynthia is predicting that the sportscaster will put a ring on it at some point next year.

Cynthia is surely feeling the “CHill” from her icy relationship with former bestie, NeNe Leakes. What could possibly make NeNe angrier than going in her closet? Not running your possible guest list by NeNe first. Cynthia invited RHOA alum Kenya Moore to her wine cooler launch party. At the party, NeNe muttered that Kenya is a “monster.” And NeNe believes that Cynthia should have given her a heads up that Kenya would be twirling around the party.

Cynthia is setting the record straight and blaming (wait for it) editing for how things appeared. Blaming editing is every Housewife’s favorite excuse explanation for bad behavior.

In an article in TooFab, Cynthia said, “Had Kenya told me that she was definitely coming, I would’ve mentioned it to NeNe. Other than that, when Kandi said she wasn’t coming, I didn’t think it made any sense calling NeNe and telling her she wasn’t coming.”Cynthia did look a little sneaky during the launch soiree when she was caught whispering to Mike about Kenya coming to the party, and later during a phone conversation with Kandi Burruss.

So how does Cynthia explain whispering to Mike, “I’m supposed to act like I didn’t know Kenya was coming.” That certainly looks shady to viewers. “I was dancing with Mike a lot throughout the night. I was whispering lots of things to him that may not be G-rated.” I guess Cynthia’s time on Kandi’s “Welcome to the Dungeon” show has inspired her to break out more sexy talk.

“So having footage of me talking to my man in his ear is not anything that you would not see when Mike and I are together. With that said, I will say that when I looked at that footage, I didn’t hear me say anything. I read a caption of what I supposedly said,” Cynthia explained. “I don’t like to try to blame things on editing. I would just like for people to think about what they read and what they heard.”

Cynthia is also blaming the alcohol for her behavior. “I had had several bellinis at that point. I don’t remember saying anything like that because I didn’t have any reason to, because to my knowledge, I didn’t know Kenya was coming until she walked into the door. That’s the God’s honest truth, and if it looked differently, it just looked differently.”

RHOA viewers also heard a sketchy phone conversation between Cynthia and Kandi. At the beginning of the call, Kandi said, “I’m mic’d. I’m mic’d. I’m mic’d.” Cynthia is then heard stating, “I just want to make sure we [was] on the same page setting up how Kenya got there.” That certainly sounds like Cynthia knew that Kenya was going to attend the party.

“When we’re speaking to each other, when I call one of my [castmates,] no matter who it is, if they are mic’d, they’re gonna say, ‘I’m mic’d.’ If you say, ‘I’m mic’d,’ and I have something that I don’t want you to hear, I’ll say, ‘Okay, I’m going to text you.’ I’m not gonna say anything that I don’t want you to hear,” Cynthia said. Fair enough.

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“Why would I intentionally say anything that was gonna make me look like I was lying? What I said to Kandi was something I had no problem saying [on camera],” Cynthia reported. “At that point, I didn’t even know that NeNe was that upset. So once I knew that we were going [to talk to her], I said to Kandi, ‘Listen, I just need you to own your part in the situation. You convinced Kenya to come, and I invited her.'”

Cynthia also commented on NeNe’s reaction to the Kenya situation. “I don’t have any reason to betray NeNe. When I think of betrayal, I’m thinking I slept with her husband!” NeNe’s extreme reaction could be from all that she has gone through this season. “But I invited my friends to my party. I’ve been nothing but loyal and supportive to this woman the whole season. Why in the last hour would I decide to piss her off?”

NeNe explained her feelings about friendship in a clip from Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show. “I am the kind of friend that when you call me, I make the time to talk to you. Kenya is the kind of friend that when she has time, she will call you. And there’s a f***ing difference,” NeNe said. “But give me a heads up, b*tch. Because you want a heads up. Don’t do some sh*t to me that you don’t want me to do to you,” NeNe added

Cynthia now feels like her relationship with NeNe is toxic, and unhealthy. I don’t think that any friendship contract can save this doomed relationship.

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