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Real Housewives Of Potomac Star Robyn Dixon Compares Ramona Singer To A “Mean Sorority Sister” For Dissing Gizelle Bryant

Oh, Ramona! Real Housewives of New York viewers are used to seeing Ramona Singer sometimes behave…well, rudely. It is part of her charm. Look at the way she always insists on getting the best room on RHONY getaways and orders the staff to help her unpack her belongings.

Ramona also has an issue with remembering the names of other Bravo celebrities that she has already met. And word on the street is that Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant has been the most recent victim of Ramona’s selective memory.

In an interview with People, Gizelle explained what happened when she and Ramona saw each other in the Hamptons at an event in July. Ramona was taking photos with RHONY alum Kristen Taekman, Gizelle, and some other people. Ramona asked the photographer to take pictures of the group without Gizelle and waved her arm at Gizelle to motion her away. Awkward! Ramona clearly did not know who Gizelle was, even though they had previously met at Andy Cohen’s baby shower. Of course, the moment was caught on video and went viral.

“I don’t mind telling people to move out of a picture ’cause I do that all the time. However, she saw me coming and they asked me to take a picture with her and she started running from me! Literally, running from me!” Gizelle said. “I was like, ‘What is wrong with this woman? She’s insane.’” Ramona did apologize to Gizelle…eventually. Even though Ramona and Gizelle did pose for a photo together, Ramona posted the photo without Gizelle to her social media. Ouch again! “It was so bad, she came and apologized to me later because everybody yelled at her for doing what she did,” Gizelle commented. “I was like, ‘Yeah, okay…” But RHOP star Robyn Dixon has her friend Gizelle’s back, and she is still upset with Ramona.

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Robyn discussed Ramona’s rude behavior in an interview with HollywoodLife. “I mean, it’s kind of crazy because it’s like it wasn’t surprising at all, which is very sad to say. It’s like, I understand that Ramona’s been in the franchise for a very, very long time, but that’s no reason to treat someone that way,” Robyn stated. “It’s almost like you liken it to a sorority. You’ve just been in the sorority a little bit longer, but we’re all sorority sisters so you should extend the same respect and kindness to everyone.”

Apparently, Ramona’s reputation for rudeness had preceded her. “It wasn’t surprising because I’ve heard of this kind of shady behavior and not so nice behavior from her before, so I guess she’s just like the mean sorority sister,” Robyn remarked.

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“But just from what I hear–she’s not the nicest person, maybe for people that she doesn’t really know that well,” Robyn explained. “I think it just speaks to maybe Ramona’s personality, which might be just a little bit harsher and colder than what people are used to.”

Robyn doesn’t really know Ramona. “I’ve met her before a couple of times, like [at Andy Cohen’s] baby shower, and I met her like at the last few events,” Robyn said. “It was very brief and in passing.”

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Maybe all the Housewives should wear name tags at social events to help identify themselves. But something tells me that won’t stop Ramona’s shady behavior.


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