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After finally ridding themselves of Below Deck‘s drunkest charter guest, the crew now has to tackle the problem of Kevin Dobson, the most arrogant and obnoxious chef the show has ever had!

Last week Kevin walked out in the middle of a meeting with Captain Lee Rosbach, then failed to serve him a main course during the guests final dinner. Knowing he’s in hot water Kevin decides to go overboard impressing the newest crop of drunken buffoons guests with a ten-course tasting menu. Unfortunately Captain Lee still remains less than enamored with Kevin’s offerings. 

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Tensions run so high between Kevin and Captain Lee, Kevin threatens to quit — but it might not be his choice in the end!

And on the subject of new charter guests – they’re even more outrageous than Helen and her friend Brandy! This group of desperate and horny single women have an unusual request for Ashton Pienaar, and one that gets quite racy!

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Maybe Ashton should quit his day job because the deck crew is in shambles! After Abbi Murphy got so wasted she couldn’t work, Tanner Sterback gets sick with a stomach virus. Did he catch it from Kevin? Then Ashton and Brian de Saint Pern have a major falling out over responsibilities. Ashton also struggles to reign in Abbi’s out of control demands and impulsiveness.

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At least Kate Chastain is still getting along with everyone. Well, we know that will be short-lived!

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