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Love After Lockup Recap: Truth & Consequences

Love After Lockup Recap: Truth & Consequences

Love After Lockup is bringing IT all season. Has there been a dud at all? NOPE! Lacey’s love triangle continues to give the entire world life with its messiness. John is out of prison, but it seems like Lacey’s made up her mind with Shane. This episode should give viewers some clarity on the situation. Also, somehow, Angela and Tony are still trying to make things work. Stop playing and break up!

On last week’s episode it was revealed that Amber has been conning Vince the entire time! The fallout of this hustle is going to be so thrilling to watch. Lizzy may not be pregnant, but she might be married soon. Daniel has plans to propose, despite his mother’s warnings against it. If he goes through with the proposal, he may ruin his relationship with his mom forever.

Angela & Tony

Love After Lockup Recap: Truth & Consequences

How has Angela’s story not come to an end yet? SNOOZE. She’s actually letting Tony back into her life and home.

Angela’s friend Tommy says he’ll always be there for her. He’s such a great guy. He’s a little delusional, but he’s overall genuine.

Angela warns her friend Tommy not to mention his proposal to Tony. WHAT AN AWKWARD MESS THAT WAS. My heart broke for the poor guy. He’s hopelessly in love with someone who would rather obsess over a felon.

Angela is excited to finally have sex with Tony. Is that all she wants? Angela appears like she just wants to shag a younger guy and say she did. How much of this is actually about love and marriage?

She’s nervous she will get hurt again by putting her heart out there. What other outcome is she expecting to come from this? Get a grip on your life Angela.

ALL she talks about are the physical traits about Tony. Angela comes off so superficial when it comes to the “love of her life”. Tony promises to do things differently this time and actually respect Angela.

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It’s so awkward watching Tony and Angela kiss in front of Tommy. He asks Tony if he has ever killed anyone, but Tony doesn’t want to discuss that.

Tony believes he and Angela have a deep soul connection. Oh. Okay. Tommy asks Tony if he was desperate when he met Angela, and he confirms it. TRUE LOVE AT ITS FINEST EVERYONE.

Tommy asks Tony if he went looking for someone else when he got out of prison last time. SHOTS FIRED. I love the shade he’s throwing Tony’s way.

He accuses Tony of running a hustle on Angela. I mean…duh. Angela says if Tony reverts back to his old ways, she’ll leave him for good. We’ll believe that when we see it.

Glorietta & Alex

Love After Lockup Recap: Truth & Consequences

Alex is gearing up for a double date with his friend and his lady. However, he’s keeping his secret hangout with his ex-girlfriend from Glorietta.

All he is really doing here is giving her mom another reason to hate him. If he wants to be with Glorietta he needs to be completely open and honest. She doesn’t appear to be the kind of woman who handles secrets and lies well.

He’s starting to talk like he’s not really interested in being with Glorietta long term. Alex says he wants to make a good effort with Glorietta. Does making an effort include having secret meetups with your ex?

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Alex’s friend Kato says they need to work on their relationship before walking down the aisle. PREACH, BROTHER.

Glorietta feels as if she’s being grilled and drilled by Kato. Alex’s friend and his wife excuse themselves from the table because of how awkward it was.

Alex asks Glorietta if she’s sure she wants to marry him and wants specifics about their love. He’s looking for an out here. His actions are coming off like he wants her to call of the wedding so he doesn’t have to.

Lacey, John, & Shane

Love After Lockup Recap: Truth & Consequences

Why would John go with Lacey after she confessed her love for Shane? Also, Shane showing up was a horrible move. What was he hoping to accomplish?

I love that John called Shane a Backstreet Boy. I DIED. Lacey feels safe with Shane, but she notices John is ready to snap.

John makes a comment about Shane’s teeth and Lacey attacks him. It doesn’t take much for Lacey to become violent. She is quick to strike, and both of these men still obsess over her. It’s honestly a little sad to watch.

John calls Lacey and Shane “bitches,” and Lacey threatens to call his probation officer. Shane wants to knock John out, but I’m kind of on John’s side here. How was she expecting her fiancé to react to her love confession for another man?

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However, John keeps provoking reactions. If John walked away, the situation would likely blow over faster. John makes a remark that Lacey will eventually abuse and cheat on Shane. He even says that she might end up in his bed again on day. BOLD WORDS.

Somehow, Lacey is mad at John for how everything went down. Somehow, her behavior is John’s fault. It couldn’t possibly be her leading on two men at once and pitting them against each other. No not at all.

Lacey tells Shane he is the one she chooses to be with, so it’s official. She asks for the ring back, but one hiccup is still on the horizon. If John is her son’s father things could get complicated quick.

Lizzy & Daniel

Love After Lockup Recap: Truth & Consequences

Daniel is planning on proposing to Lizzy ASAP which might not be the right call. They’ve been fighting more than ever lately, and a ring won’t fix things. Getting married is not the solution to a problem.

Daniel asks Lizzy to pack a bag and put on a blindfold. She doesn’t like surprises and not knowing what’s happening, but he reassures her. At least he’s making an effort to be better in the relationship.

He found a Paris themed hotel room to make things as romantic as possible for her. That’s actually really sweet. Despite all the flaws in their relationship, the love is clearly there.

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He nervously proposes, and she excitedly says yes! They’re officially engaged even if the ring is a little lackluster. His mom’s reaction will be the next big test they face in their relationship.

There’s no way this is going to go over well when she finds out. Daniel has no idea how he’s going to explain this to her either. Should’ve thought of that beforehand I suppose.

Vince & Amber

Love After Lockup Recap: Truth & Consequences

Amber has no desire to fake a relationship with Vince to further their con. She confesses her plan to Puppy’s mother who wants her to call it off. How does the adoption part work though? Does Puppy have to be emancipated now?

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Amber is bringing Vince to meet her family which is a recipe for disaster. She seems really conflicted about what to do moving forward. She doesn’t want to betray her mom and Puppy, but she has her own future to worry about.


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