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Love After Lockup Recap: Dangerous Engagements

Time is running out for Lacey on Love After Lockup. On last week’s episode, it became clear that her con is reaching the end of the road. Once John gets out of jail, she has a megawatt choice to make. Will she choose her fiance or her new fling Shane? THE ANTICIPATION IS INTENSE.

However, Lacey isn’t the only person facing some difficulty on Love After Lockup these days. Lizzy’s past is threatening to ruin her future fairytale with Daniel. Cheryl is begging for a wedding with Josh, but it is looking unlikely. Will they breakup? Vince and Amber continue to ride the awkward train. Will this episode be the one where they finally call it quits?

Cheryl & Josh

Cheryl Love After Lockup

Despite the breakup tease, Cheryl and Josh are still together. Josh is trying to be a more romantic partner, so we’ll see how this goes.

This is their first dinner date, and how long until they fight? She’s asking him for a proper proposal, and he laughs a lot at the idea.

She had to buy her own engagement ring and do it all on her own. That’s kind of sad. However, his lack of relationship experience explains a lot. Josh is loving the sex with Cheryl, so at least something good is coming from this.

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Josh is finally ready to get Cheryl the real ring she deserves. She doubts it’ll be a real proposal, but hey at least she’s getting something.

She wants a $5,000 ring, but she questions their future as a whole. She’s sick of hearing about what he wants. Why is she so emotional?

He’s trying to be realistic with her, but she can’t handle a normal conversation. Every time they get together, it’s drama.

Glorietta & Alex

Glorietta Alex Love After Lockup

Alex and Glorietta are engaged. JOY! Her mother is going to lose her absolute mind over this. I love that Glorietta’s mom calls Alex “the man” instead of his name.

Alex is trying hard with her mother, but she’s so rude. She’s looking for a fight at every turn. She sends her mother home since she can’t behave.

Alex asks to speak to her mother again, but she flips out over him touching her arm. He’s trying so hard to be nice to Glorietta’s mom here. He’s trying to tell her something important, but she’s entirely unhinged.

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She won’t stop screaming and talking over him. PSYCHO ALERT. Her mom, Tammy, says she wanted to be nice, but it wasn’t looking that way. From the moment she saw him, she was nasty and cruel.

Tammy is crazier than her daughter. This engagement party was a total fail. Alex said he learned they can marry without conversion, but Tammy didn’t want to hear it. This family drama could derail everything.

Lacey, John, & Shane

Shane Love After Lockup

WHY IS SHANE LOOKING AT ENGAGEMENT RINGS? Lacey is engaged to another man, but he’s ready to settle down with her. Dude. Stop being so weird.

I love how honest they all are about having no money though. Payment plans are the rage these days. John gets out of jail the next day, so there is no chance of this going smoothly. Good luck!

Shane is massively in love with Lacey. Although he’s all in, I don’t think she feels the same way.

Lacey tells Shane that she plans on picking up John when he’s released the next day. He freaks out, and she starts screaming in the restaurant. He demands to know who she wants to be with in that moment.

Before she can answer, he gets down on one knee and proposes. OMG. SHE SAID YES. Lacey is now engaged to two different men right now. Just wow.

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Lacey is having a full-scale breakdown over Shane’s proposal. She’s flashing back to the moment John proposed to her. She says it was a lot better than what Shane just did. It looks like Shane honestly did it so he could get her before John.

Lacey finally leaves the table, and she tells Shane she cannot accept his ring. She freaks out on him for not giving his all when proposing.

This is so weird to watch. Lacey hits Shane multiple times in the face, and he ends the relationship. HIM DUMPING HER CAUSES HER TO HIT HIM MORE. MEGA CRINGE. Lacey is losing her mind over this.

Lizzy & Daniel

Daniel Love After Lockup

Daniel claims that it’s been hard to readjust into society than he expected. That must be rough. So much of his youth has been spent behind bars.

Lizzy starts ragging on Daniel about not having a job yet and is growing impatient. While going through groceries, Daniel finds a pregnancy test. He looks so stunned.

She wants a family with Daniel, but it’s definitely not the right time. He says he’s not ready to be a dad. I MEAN TRUE.

He is fresh out of prison and unemployed. A pregnancy would be so bad for them right now. He’s so nervous about the results.

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Luckily, Lizzy is NOT expecting a child. He wants to hold off on having kids, but she wants them as soon as possible. Daniel wants to get his life together before becoming a father. Fair enough.

Lizzy is really pushing this. You shouldn’t rush into something like this. DO NOT have a child with her to keep her. That never works out. Walk away from the relationship if you have to.

Vince & Amber

Amber Vince Love After Lockup

Vince and Amber can’t even look at one another without being disgusted at this point. Amber thinks Vince is a con artist, and he looks shocked to be called that.

Amber can’t escape from Vince because he follows her wherever she goes. He’s a super stalker. STAGE FIVE CLINGER.

Amber is overwhelmed, and talks to Puppy’s mom about her issues. Vince doesn’t understand why Amber feels awkward around him. WHY DOES HE NOT GET?

This is the most cringe relationship I’ve ever seen on this show. That’s saying a lot because there have been some wild ones.

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Amber is totally in love with Puppy right? Amber and Vince take a break for a bit so she can decide if she wants this.

She alludes to a secret she’s keeping from Vince. I wonder what it could be. Maybe Puppy adopted her. Adoption is a favorite pastime of this group of people.


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