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Love After Lockup Recap: Snitches Get Stitches

Love After Lockup continues to be the GOAT of reality TV every week. On last week’s episode, things got even crazier. Angela officially received word that Tony has been arrested. Her fairy tale dreams are coming to an end. She ignored every red flag, and this is the end result. Following last week’s incident with Amber’s friend, Vince has a lot of explaining to do. What’s his end game?

Speaking of endgame, what is the deal with Lacey? Who will she choose? Does she even want John or Shane? Is this an elaborate game? Until John gets out we might not know. She needs to decide soon though. These men are undoubtedly growing impatient with this. FIX YOUR LIFE LACEY.

Angela & Tony

Angela Love After Lockup

Angela has no idea how to handle the news of Tony’s arrest. She’s losing it. The love of her life is facing more time in prison.

What was she expecting? Tony clearly wanted nothing to do with her. Her friend says she deserves better, and he’s right. However, I could do without how desperate he is to be with her. Take a hint bud.

Angela is more upset she and Tony haven’t had sex yet than she is about him going back to jail. Tony speaks from jail and teases he may be going back to prison for a long time.

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Tony says Angela is still the love of his life and doesn’t believe in divorce. She wants answers that I don’t think she’s going to ever receive.

He promises to do better, but I think we’ve reached the end of the road in Angela and Tony’s story. We shall see.

Cheryl & Josh

Cheryl Love After Lockup

Cheryl’s really nervous about meeting Josh’s family. This should be good. Her relationship with his mother is rocky, so this might not go well.

She’s staying in Colorado for an entire month. She’s leaving her kids behind for THAT LONG? WOW. That’s mind-blowing. It’s creepy how turned on she gets by his criminal past.

He says that the police didn’t recover all of the money from his last robbery. He says he buried the money. STAHP. Surely this is a horrible idea. This can’t be legal.

As much as this could be rewarding, it could also send him back to prison. Why doesn’t Josh get a job instead? Of course, Cheryl is down to do this. WOW.

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Josh got a new phone so Cheryl can always get a hold of him. His plan is UNLIMITED so he can talk to her anytime anywhere. She’s so controlling. However, he loves her so I won’t judge too harshly. Just kidding. Yes, I will.

Watching them try to recover this money is so strange. A lot that happens on this show is weird, but this is up there with the weirdest. She compares them to Bonnie & Clyde. Who wants to let her know how that story ends? NOT WELL.

They don’t recover the money, and now they’re off to the reunion. Good luck with that. Unless she changes her attitude, he will leave her. The mood swings are horrible.

Glorietta & Alex

Alex Glorietta Love After Lockup

Glorietta and Alex had sex on his first night out. Her five-year drought has come to an end. Alex calls his night with Glorietta, “juicy and tight”. Well damn.

Alex is still withholding his communication with his ex-girlfriend from Glorietta. She’s going to go insane when she finds out. She seems like the “cut a bitch” type of woman. That scares me.

However, Glorietta wants to keep a secret of her own. She wants Alex to withhold the fact that he is Muslim from her mother. Secrets never work well for people on this show, so alright. Imma let you do your thing, but it won’t end well.

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Glorietta doesn’t like that his ex-girlfriend was the person who converted him. I’m assuming this is the same ex-girlfriend he is secretly communicating with. YIKES.

Glorietta and Alex meet with her mother, and she refuses to shake his hand. You can tell her mom isn’t at all open to getting to know him.

Her first question out of the gate is about why he was incarcerated. SHE ASKS HIS RELIGION RIGHT AWAY TOO. This line of questioning is so off the wall for their first meeting.

She says she talked to God the previous night and asks if he would become Christian again. What is happening? He says he isn’t sure if he would marry her if she didn’t convert.

Her mother loses it over that comment and storms away. Well kids, I think that went well.

Lacey, John, & Shane

Lacey Love After Lockup

Shane wants to know where he stands with Lacey. Now that he knows about her double life, he wants answers.

Shane seems like a really nice guy. I know he had some crazy charges, but I’m all about self growth.

Lacey sounds very disinterested in meeting with Shane. I don’t think she wants either man at this point. This is all a game for air time.

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Shane shows up at Lacey’s with flowers, and she’s ready to have sex. I thought they were having an important conversation? She says this is something she needs to do. It’s almost as if she’s sleeping with him to avoid the subject.

SHE IS THE WORST. Why is she the way she is? She blows my mind every week. MAKE A CHOICE. So gross.

Lizzy & Daniel

Daniel Love After Lockup

Lizzy and Daniel are going out to drink because his mother allegedly pushed them to do it. His mom is cray, but she is right to be concerned about his drinking.

They arrive at the bar to play a game of pool with her friends. Daniel has a lot of post-prison anxiety, so he’s not having a great time. Things are going from bad to worse because Lizzy’s ex shows up at the bar.

Daniel is on to her and suspects she’s hiding something. It comes out that she was talking to Daniel and this other guy around the same time.

She hasn’t told him the entire truth about him either. MORE SECRETS. I’m assuming that because of their microphones that is where this drama is coming from. It looks like they’re wearing wires, but nah it’s just a TV show.

Can you say AWKWARD? Lizzy is terrified of these people and is scared they’re going to get jumped. How dumb are these people from her past? Are they unaware of the CAMERAS?

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If Daniel does the wrong thing, he could get sent back to prison. All of this is bad news. He and Lizzy have nothing to worry about legally as of now, but these people are bad news.

Daniel is willing to go to prison to attack these guys. How are these people THIS DUMB and can’t tell they’re wearing TV mics? There was a camera crew there, after all.

Lizzy and Daniel fight about it in the parking lot. She doesn’t think he can handle her past, and he wants to fight. Why does he want a confrontation so badly?

Daniel thinks Lizzy is keeping secrets from him about her past. He’s not wrong. I don’t foresee a happy ending for this couple. NOPE!

Lizzy is still spiraling about secrets possibly coming out about her past. Daniel wants to make sure their relationship foundation is rock solid. She’s hoping he will forgive her for her past. It sounds like they have a lot to learn about one another still.

Vince & Amber

Amber Vince Love After Lockup

It’s crazy to think that Amber has only been out of prison for three days. They’re at a strip club, and it doesn’t feel like Vince’s scene at all.

I mean COME ON. Why are you bringing him here?  This is so bizarre. He wants her to have time with her friends, so that’s nice.

Amber’s friends judge how quickly Vince wanted to jump to marriage. Vince shows up outside totally wasted. Now that he’s drunk, maybe the truth will come out.

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Her friend asks why he chose Amber. OH BOY. He says God put her in his life. She doesn’t like that answer. What does she want him to say? They’re being sketchy.

The producers ask Amber if she’s been upfront with Vince herself, and her answer is vague. She says Vince doesn’t ask many questions and grins at the cameras. That’s not cool.


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