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Love After Lockup Recap: Love The Way You Lie

The crazy train has arrived this season on Love After Lockup. All of these couples make the most irrational decisions ever, but it’s the BEST television. On last week’s Love After Lockup episode, Lacey and Shane finally got intimate. However, she has a whole fiance in lockup right now. John isn’t going to react well to any of this. Speaking of crazy, is Alex really going to marry Glorietta? OOF.

Tony is in police custody, and Angela is ready for some answers. Will she actually get any, or will Tony continue to dodge? The latter sounds the most plausible. Vince and Amber’s relationship is the most awkward thing on TV, but compelling. It’s hard to decipher who is conning who. Someone is being shady, but the question remains about WHO.

Angela & Tony

Angela Love After Lockup

Angela is trying so hard to get answers. She saw Tony and flipped out on him, but he didn’t say much. What is she expecting? Tony is SO uninterested in Angela. She doesn’t believe that Tony loves her, which is a good start.

The police gave Angela all of Tony’s belongings including his phone. If he does have a secret, she’s about to find out. AWKWARD. She’s so frantic outside of her car trying to go through his things. Relax Angela.

She’s certain he has another woman in his life. Tony’s been telling another woman that he loves her. The truth has been revealed. He risked his freedom for a random woman, and Angela’s so shook.

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Her suspicions have been confirmed. The news might not be positive, but at least she knows where they stand.

Angela leaves all of his stuff in a parking lot and drives away. Tony thinks he has Angela where he wants her, but she seems done.

There’s a tone of finality in Angela’s voice while she describes everything. Tony’s release date is unknown as of now.

Cheryl & Josh

Josh Cheryl Love After Lockup

Cheryl and Josh are finally meeting his family. She’s so worried that his mother is going to make everything uncomfortable.

The second his mom arrives, she’s trashing Cheryl behind her back. I honestly doubt that Cheryl wanted to hook up with his mother’s man.

Things get awkward when Cheryl wants to leave the party to get her tire fixed. It’s not an emergency at all, but she’s making a scene.

She wants to say his mother is wrong about her, but she’s turning the party into a disaster. Josh actually left his family to go to get a new tire with Cheryl. In a way, I feel bad for him.

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Cheryl asks him why are they together, and I suspect a breakup is coming. There’s really no reason for her irrational behavior.

He says he lied to her many times when he was in prison. He says he made up things to avoid talking to her. Cheryl says nothing is good enough for Josh, and she brings up things his mom is doing.

She gets bleeped a million times in a crazy rant in the car. Cheryl asks Josh if he wants to break up, and HE SAYS YES.

She says the more they fight the more she falls in love with him. That’s such an unhealthy mentality to have. Josh deserves a life where he doesn’t have to walk on eggshells.

Glorietta & Alex

Glorietta Alex Love After Lockup

I CANNOT WITH GLORIETTA. They’re out for dinner, and she’s ready to be wined and fined. She immediately jumps to wedding and kid talk.

She’s ready for the full soccer mom life, but Alex is apprehensive. He wants things to slow down in a big way.

Everything about this couple is so wild. He has a secret woman, her mom hates him, and she’s OBSESSED. They discuss the religion conversation, and they want their children to be opposite faith. This will not end well.

Glorietta doesn’t know if she can choose Alex over Christianity. I think she would though. She’s way too enthralled with him to give up her shot.

Why is it okay for him to convert, but it’s not an option for her? She’s expecting everything from Alex, but giving him nothing in return. Glorietta needs to learn the power of the compromise.

She tries naming some places where Islam is prominent, but she makes a mockery of it. I don’t think a wedding is a good idea for this pair.

Glorietta shows Alex her weird book about her dream wedding. That book is so weird. Everything about Glorietta is off the wall insane. Good luck Alex.

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They’re going RING SHOPPING. Despite their fundamental differences, Alex is looking to get her a ring. She thinks they’re soulmates and isn’t ready to give up her true love just yet.

Alex professes his love for Glorietta and proposes on one knee. She obviously says yes, and now we wait to see if this wedding actually takes place.

Glorietta says their children can be Muslim, so now that hurdle is out of the way. HER MOM IS GOING TO LOSE HER S**T THOUGH!

Lacey, John, & Shane

Shane Lacey Love After Lockup

Lacey and Shane spent the night together, and he says it was fantastic. Is anyone surprised that Lacey would excel in that department?

John is moving into her house IN DAYS, but Shane is there. What is she doing? Lacey tells him that John might be her son’s father. What a bombshell to drop on him.

Shane is sick of talking about John, and I don’t blame him. Shane wants to make a good impression on her family, but her dad knows nothing about this.

Lacey is making a step toward being honest. However, all of this comes across shady and sketchy. Why is she subjecting her children to this horrendous situation?

Her father looks disgusted at the idea of his daughter dating another inmate. SAME. I’m feeling the same way about this atrocity. Her dad asks what happened to John, and Lacey chuckles.

Lacey confesses the truth about her modeling gig, and tells him she was picking up Shane. The way they’re talking about Shane like he’s not in the room is awkward. Lacey’s dad asks Shane to declare his intentions with his daughter. Her dad is also concerned about how young Shane is.

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Everything is coming to a head, and things are going to boil over. Her dad puts all of Lacey’s relationship with John on blast. He asks Shane if she will be faithful to him. He’s really going for this. I’m so proud.

Vince & Amber

Amber Love After Lockup

Someone explain how Vince and Amber are still together. She spent the night with Vince, but there was no sex. It feels like they’re both playing a game with each other.

Apparently, Vince didn’t originally give Amber his real name. SKETCHY. He gives a plausible story though. He says he didn’t think it was a good idea to give a prisoner his real name.

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She’s questioning everything Vince has ever told her. Vince says he proposed because he felt a connection between them. Amber accuses him of being a con in a response.

I’m glad it’s finally out there. CALL IT QUITS. I don’t know what’s taking them so long to end whatever this is.


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