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Love After Lockup Recap: Dirty Laundry

Love After Lockup is having its best season yet. On last week’s episode, things get crazier than ever. Lacey finally worked up the nerve to talk to John. The only question remains is how he will react to the truth about Shane. Hopefully, Angela gets some answers about Tony in this episode as well. She’s going crazy in her quest to locate his whereabouts.

The biggest surprise of the season has been the introduction of Glorietta. This woman is a whole mess. She’s so infatuated with Alex, and this will probably lead to major heartbreak. This season is great though. If you watch for drama, there is no shortage of that. Every episode has at least one major jaw dropping moment. It’s a safe bet that this episode will be no different.

Andrea & Lamondre

Andrea Love After Lockup

How are these two still engaged? He’s been lying to Andrea the entire time they’ve been together.

UPDATE, I think it’s over. She’s been waiting for him to call to break the news to him. SAY BYE BYE.

Lamondre doesn’t want it to be over, but Andrea seems done. He tries asking if there is another guy in her life, but that’s not the issue.

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The issue is him lying to her for years now. She’s not quitting for some side man. She’s calling it quits because she doesn’t want to be strung along.

Lamondre can’t believe what’s happening, but she’s made up her mind. Andrea is tired of the life she’s living.

Lamondre says it was nice to have Andrea in his life. He hopes he still has a chance when he gets out. I’m glad Andrea can have her life back. She deserves much better.

Angela & Tony

Angela Love After Lockup

Angela is still on the hunt for Tony with her desperate friend. He’s been missing nearly two days. He has about another 24 hours to resurface, or things will get bad.

Angela shows up at Tony’s job to speak to his supervisor. She thinks his boss might have an idea of his location. Also, Angela thinks there’s something going on between him and one of the women at his job.

I wouldn’t be surprised by this at all. Tony wasn’t into Angela from the moment he got out. Clearly, Angela has zero self awareness.

Angela and her friend need their own sitcom. They’re just hilarious. This poor woman seems very confused about Angela confronting her. This laundry lady has no idea what’s going on. Angela is barking up the wrong tree here.

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She thinks Amy (the woman) knows more than she is saying and keeps confronting her. She’s certain Amy is lying about everything, but Amy denies everything. I low key love everything about Amy. I can’t believe she tried to fight this laundry woman.

Angela’s friend Tommy wants her to give up, and she’s wondering if she’s being played. She asks if Tony has been in the restaurant shes eating in, and the server confirms.

The server says he’s been flirting with all of the girls there, and Angela’s upset by this. I’m scared to think what Angela will do if Tony really has been unfaithful. EEK.

She gets a text from the federal marshal that Tony has been arrested. DUN DUN DUN.

Cheryl & Josh

Cheryl Love After Lockup

Cheryl & Josh are going to the zoo with his nieces and his mother. Oh lord. Here comes the drama. His mother recently accused Cheryl of wanting to sleep with her man. Hot mess alert. Cheryl loathes this woman.

She brings up kids and asks him when he wants them. He doesn’t want them right now while they’re living states apart. They aren’t using any birth control, so she just might get kids sooner. The pull out and pray method is such a horrible idea. Someone help this girl.

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Cheryl talks about her wedding dress, but Josh shuts it down. He thinks everything is moving too fast. He hasn’t even met anyone in her family.

Why is Cheryl in such a hurry to walk down the aisle? What’s the rush on this wedding? She accuses him of buttering her up in prison and then changing everything now. She’s rushing this wedding for no real reason.

Josh is the logical one here. He wants to make sure they can last as a couple and should get married. Claps for the sensible man here!

Glorietta & Alex

Glorietta Love After Lockup

I can’t handle Alex and his singing. You aren’t that great buddy. Simmer down. He’s alright, but it’s not enough to be as mesmerized as Glorietta is.

He hasn’t touched a woman for two years, so he can’t wait. Alex has been in trouble so many times that his probation is so strict. There’s a lot that he’s not able to do. If he violates, he’ll be gone for five years.

Glorietta is just as weird in this episode as she has been the last two. She’s been cutting pictures out of magazines to prepare for their wedding. He’s not interested in talking about the wedding. Alex just wants to get down for fun.

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Glorietta tells him to act accordingly when they go out, and she’s A LOT. She’s way too much. Glorietta is nervous about her first time with Alex because it’s been so long for her. WINE AND DINE HER ALEX. WINE AND DINE.

She explains to him that they’re going to go to dinner, and she’s really pushy. He wants to turn up and be with his woman, so that’ll have to wait. HE “SUPERLY TOTALLY” OWES HER A DATE NOW.

She jumps in the tub fully clothed to be intimate with Alex. They ask the cameras to leave so they can have sex. At least they asked! Cheryl & Josh just grabbed a spot in the middle of the woods with cameras there.

While Glorietta is sleeping, Alex contacts another woman. He says his ex girlfriend has always been there for him. This will BREAK Glorietta. She is ALL IN with Alex. This will crush her in the worst way.

Lacey, John, & Shane

Lacey Love After Lockup

Lacey is finally going to be face to face with John to drop the Shane bombshell. This is going to be so nasty. I think Lacey does love John, but she’s handling this horribly.

The drama has a new wrinkle too with the belief he might be the father of her child. What a mess.

She tells John that he looks sexy, and she says the spark is still there. John still wants to get the paternity test done an finally learn the truth. He loves Lacey and wants this to help build their bond.

John can tell there’s something up with Lacey, and she admits the truth about Shane. FINALLY. The secret is finally out.

He doesn’t believe that they haven’t had sex yet, but from what we know it’s the truth. He’s not handling this well. John is big time mad right now.

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He says what we are all thinking by telling her this isn’t a game. She’s handled this so badly. John reminds her that she’s engaged and how he pines for her, and she hangs up. Woah.

She doesn’t know what to do, but she a choice needs to be made. John says the fling with Shane needs to be over before he gets out. I suspect a physical fight is looming. John is certain Lacey will choose him once he is released. We’ll see.

Lacey is aware that talking to two different men is not okay. However, she is in love with both men. Her friend is more Team Shane and finds John to be bad for Lacey.

I’m probably Team Shane too. He seems less aggressive than John. Way less volatile. Lacey is afraid to let go of John because of their history, but it’s clear she wants Shane.

Vince & Amber

Vince Love After Lockup

Amber and her friend are catching on to what they believe to be a con Vince is playing. To get some information out of him, they plan on getting him drunk and questioning him. I mean I guess that’s a solid plan.

They’ve been together nearly two years. Amber is confused as to why he is showing no emotion for her now. Her friend wants to know why he wants to commit to marriage so quickly. AMBER IS SO ME. Amber doesn’t want to deal with it so she leaves the table.

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The way her friend is grilling Vince is so iconic. She’s asking all of the tough questions here, and Vince isn’t answering them. He has no real answer to anything, and he keeps dodging it. So awkward to watch.

He’s also coming off very nervous here. Vince is close to cracking under pressure. Her friend tells Amber she thinks Vince is lying.

However, Vince finds his emotions toward Amber to be genuine. What emotions? Their connection feels so non existent.

They leave the table to go smoke, and Vince follows them outside. This is about to go really left. He asks if she believes his promises to her, but she just wants answers to the confusion.

Why is Amber toying with him? If she thinks he is a scammer, then why doesn’t she just walk away? Stop dragging out the awkwardness.


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