Jim Edmonds Loves Candles

The split between Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan Edmonds and former MLB star Jim Edmonds is moving along at a rapid speed. He already has a new house, which he showcased on social media.

Wow. That was quick. Did he just manage to find the perfect house on short notice? Or was he planning to split from Meghan long before he filed for divorce? I don’t actually have an answer to those questions, but we were all thinking it, right? This is just pretty quick for a bounce back.

Us Weekly shared photos and videos that Jim posted on his Instagram Story, exploring the place with the three kids he shares with Meghan, along with two of his other kids from a previous marriage.

On one video of his son and daughter riding bikes around the house, Jim wrote, “Little more room to roam.” Along with a photo of his twin boys eating, Jim wrote, “Boys first meal at new house.”

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He concluded his update with a look at all the boxes that need to be unpacked. Jim wrote, “Still got some work to do.” Yes, but how long has this move been in the works? I cannot help wondering and I bet Meghan is too.

It’s not that shocking to learn that Jim and Meghan split, especially after his sexting scandal. This man sent a video pleasuring himself to a woman known as the “baseball madame” while Meghan was in labor with his twin sons. As if that wasn’t humiliating enough, their split has been out of control with the interviews. Jim slammed Meghan’s accusations that he had an affair with their nanny Carly Wilson.

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Jim’s daughter Hayley Edmonds said that the family has been waiting years for this divorce to happen. Jim’s previous wife Allison Jayne Raski even referred to Jim and Meghan’s marriage as a “nightmare” their family “had to endure.” During Meghan’s tell-all interview, she admitted that she blamed Jim’s mother for the way she raised him when that sexting scandal came to light. Ummm, isn’t Jim fifty-something years old? How is this his mom’s fault?

This split has been all sorts of messy, but maybe things will calm down now that Jim is in a separate home. At least Meghan won’t have to worry about Jim calling the cops on her if she comes home after grabbing a drink with her friends. Yes, that actually happened. I doubt that these two will mature all of a sudden mid-divorce, but we shall see. These two have been very public about this entire ordeal.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]