Jill Zarin Would Have A Televised Wedding, But She Isn’t Engaged Yet

Jill Zarin has a complicated history with Real Housewives of New York. She was one of the original Housewives until she was fired after Season 4. Since then, Jill has been on a relentless campaign to grab a full-time New York Housewives apple. So far, no luck.

The RHONY alum even invited the current Housewives to film at her birthday party, but they didn’t want to attend. Poor Jill! That is sad.

Jill has continued to pop up in cameos, but she said that she is done trying to get back on the show. Sure! In an interview with Entertainment Tonight at BravoCon, Jill discussed her future on the show. “I could never live up to the fans wanting me to come back, but I think I’m done. The time is over for me,” she said.

Jill has also dealt with the heartbreaking loss of her husband, Bobby Zarin, in January of 2018. Bobby, who also appeared on RHONY, lost his long, hard-fought battle with cancer.

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In fact, RHONY cameras were rolling outside of Bobby’s funeral when Jill reunited with longtime frenemy Bethenny Frankel. Jill caught a lot of flak for having cameras there, but she said that Bobby had always wanted the two friends to make peace.

Now Jill has a new love in her life. Jill started dating Gary Brody during the summer of 2018, and they bonded over their mutual love of tennis. But are there wedding bells in her future?

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Jill told Page Six at BravoCon, “Yeah, I’ll get married again. Yeah, when the time is right.” If Gary puts a sparkler on Jill’s finger, would she want a televised wedding? The answer is… YES maybe. Jill isn’t against the idea of televising her nuptials, but she “doesn’t know.” Ummm…sure.

At BravcoCon, Jill raved to Page Six about how wonderful her beau would be on television. Not that she is trying to get back on RHONY, mind you. Gary is “so funny” and “would be great on TV.” Jill even referred to Gary as “the male Bethenny.” The Housewives alum added, “But not sarcastic. Funny one-liners, but not sarcastic, “Jill explained. “It’s a different kind of humor.” Gary even came up with a new tagline for Jill if she becomes a Housewife again. Jill shared, “Life for me is about having a ball, on and off the court.” That is actually a pretty good one.

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Jill’s former bestie Bethenny hasn’t met Gary yet. “One day, maybe. She’s on the West Coast a lot. I’m in Florida. We’re just all over the place,” Jill said. Given that the two haven’t had much of a relationship, I would be shocked if they did hang out.

And why is Jill focused on a wedding? Remember when New York Housewife Tinsley Mortimer tried on wedding dresses with her mom, even though she wasn’t engaged to on-and-off boyfriend Scott Kluth? Is it a RHONY thing? Is it supposed to bring about a proposal? Only time will tell if either of these ladies will be marching down the aisle. Oh, and if it will be televised.

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