Tamra Judge Back In Court With Jim Bellino As $1 Million Lawsuit Continues

If you are a loyal viewer of Real Housewives of Orange County, you know Tamra Judge has no problems flapping her gums. Tamra never seems to have a storyline, per se, unless you count her incredibly fake entrance into the World of Christianity or her husband’s medical issues. That means Tamra has to step it up in other departments, namely talking trash. No one would dispute Tamra’s ability to spread dirt and infringe on the lives of her co-stars, but what happens when it turns around and bites her in her very toned backside?

Just ask Jim Bellino, former husband of Jesus Jugs Alexis Bellino and present Tamra opponent. Jim is on the long list of people Tamra has verbally spanked, and he is calling her on it. During a 2018 interview, Tamra and Shannon STORMS Beador commented on the closing of Jim’s Sky Zone trampoline parks. Jim accused both Tamra and Shannon of lying along with slandering his reputation. Wait, Jim had a reputation? Anyway, Jim lawyered up and took it to court. Now Tamra might find out her mouth has written a check her insurance company doesn’t want to cash.

Gee, Tamra hasn’t made a lot of new friends lately. Shannon is still sticking by her side while Vicki Gunvalson is desperately clinging supporting Tamra in a reduced role on RHOC. Recently, Kelly Dodd has been defending herself against some wild claims by Tamra. Now, veteran Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Brandi Glanville has entered the arena. While Tammy Sue might wind up writing a big check to Jimbo, Brandi will take it to the street. So, hopefully, Tamra is sleeping with one eye open.

Brandi might want to get Jim’s digits and team up because Tamra is still dealing with Jim’s lawsuit. I guess the score right now is Everyone Else: 4, Tamra: Big Fat Zero. In new court documents obtained by The Blast, Tamra’s insurance company is pulling a, “yeah, we don’t know her…”

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Encompass Insurance Company wants Tamra’s lawsuit over coverage tossed out. Earlier in 2019, Tamra sued Encompass because they denied payment of her legal bills in the defamation lawsuit with Jim. According to Tamra, she believed her policy covered “the situation”.

Jim originally sued Tamra and Shannon for $1 million big ones. Both Shannon and Tamra have denied any allegations of wrongdoing. In a nanny-nanny-boo-boo moment, Shannon was dismissed from the suit and awarded $138k in attorney fees. In the recent documents, Encompass also wants out of this case. They maintain Tamra’s policy does NOT cover the lawsuit with Jim. Maybe Tamra should have used Shannon’s attorney…

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Encompass stated Tamra’s existing policy did not cover known gossips personal injury claims that arise from “public activities performed for pay” or “arising out of civic or public activities performed”. Because Tamra talked smack about Jim at a public event, the insurance company refuses to be responsible for her legal bills.

Obviously, this leaves Tamra less than pleased. Tamra’s documents said, “Encompass’ basis for its denial is absurd and based on an exclusion that it knows is completely inapplicable to the facts of the Bellino action. Encompass at all times looked out for its own interest ahead of that of its policyholder [Tamra]. As a result of Encompass’s bad faith handling of Plaintiff’s claim, and its failure to provide Plaintiff with a defense, Plaintiff is forced to pay for her own defense when Encompass knows fully that the obligation to defend rests with it.” Maybe a hit to the wallet will force the Plaintiff to keep her damn mouth shut?

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Tamra is pursuing Encompass for legal bill payments, along with unspecified damages. Well, well, anyone else want to step up to the plate and sue Tamra for slander? “Sex train” Kelly? What about “unstable” Brandi? Perhaps Tamra can use the power of Jesus and pray the lawsuit away? While Tamra has yet to learn the practice of discretion, right now it’s really the only thing keeping her relevant. The court case is ongoing.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]