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Jennifer Aydin On Joe Gorga Diss About Her Sex Life: “My Husband Doesn’t Have To Brag About Where He Squirts Every 5 Minutes”

During the last episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe Gorga bragged (again) about his sex drive. He said he was ready to get it on with Melissa Gorga eight times a day. Someone get Melissa an ice pack. Jennifer Aydin’s husband Bill Aydin did not get as into the sex talk as the other RHONJ guys. Still, Joe gave him a lot of shit for “not having enough sex.”

Bill didn’t seem too phased by Joe’s remarks, but his wife has a lot to say in response. Opposites do attract, right? Jennifer really went in.

In an interview with Page Six, Jennifer said, “First of all, I thought my husband [Bill] handled it very eloquently because he’s a very classy guy. He was so gracious and hospitable, which is really who we are at the end of the day.”

Jennifer continued, “Obviously, Joe Gorga was giving him a lot of s–t, and you know what? My husband doesn’t have to brag about where he squirts it every five minutes. OK?” He was definitely the class act of that RHONJ husbands gathering. I can’t say the same about Jennifer when she’s with the other wives.

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“There are people out there that could have sex like rabbits every single day but their relationships suck … My husband and I, where we are sexually in our relationship, it’s not — it didn’t start off like that. Are you kidding? We had five kids,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer emphasized that her sex life is “about quality, not quantity. So all you people out there having sex every single day, I don’t care because your spouse or your partner is probably s–t. My husband wipes my ass for me. OK? Now compare yourself to that.” He wipes her ass and he gives her liposuction and a tummy tuck.

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Then, Jennifer went the Joe Gorga route with the TMI talk. Jennifer shared, “We’ve got to get creative, OK? That doesn’t mean my man is not taking care of … Sometimes when he’s feeling a little frisky, I’m like, ‘All right, let’s go to the bathroom. I’ll give you 15 minutes.’ And I put my man to bed, if you know what I mean.” That is a visual that I did not need.

Unfortunately, Jennifer continued with the specifics. She said, “So it may not be outright sex in the sense that you know it, but he is getting some action one way or another. And a lot of women don’t even do that anymore. They wait for birthdays. He gets it whenever he’s in the mood … So you’re welcome!” Wow. It turned into a battle of the oversharing. Both Jennifer and Joe shared a lot about their sex lives. And, I have feeling it’s not gonna stop any time soon.

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