Stephanie Hollman & Kameron Wescott Are No Longer Speaking; Stephanie Says Kameron Acts Like A “Bully”

Although the demise of LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra Simmons friendship has dominated Real Housewives of Dallas for two seasons, there are actually other storylines going on. They don’t get as much attention, but they are happening.

Kameron Wescott was offended when Stephanie Hollman describe their friendship as “surface level” and the two of them “made up,” but the peace didn’t last. They argued on Twitter, shaded each other interviews, and now they’re at a point where they aren’t even talking. Well, the Season 4 reunion taping is on the horizon. They will be contractually obligated to talk soon enough.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Stephanie shared, “We don’t speak at all.” She also remarked, “I would like to have a healthy friendship with her, but if it’s not going to be healthy, I don’t want a friendship.” If they both stay on RHOD, they will have to interact in some capacity.

Stephanie even claimed that Kameron is a bully. Steph told the magazine, “I feel like the way that she treats me is honestly, like, a bully. She talks down to me. She doesn’t let me finish sentences. She doesn’t respect me. She goes on social media and tries to call me a liar.” I’m not gonna lie, I think Kameron has mishandled this whol situation. However, I feel like the word “bully” gets thrown around way too often these days. I don’t know if that word is applicable here.

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Stephanie continued, “Honestly, I feel like those are actions of somebody who is trying to manipulate control. And to me, that’s stuff that a bully does. I just don’t agree with it. And I don’t do those things to her.” I don’t know if Kameron is actively tring to manipulate Steph. To me, it just seems like she is not-at-all-observant and not the best listener. She just doesn’t get where Stephanie is coming from.

In a recent interview with Life & Style magazine, Kam fired back about Stephanie’s use of the word ‘bully.’ Calling someone a bully is not a word Stephanie should throw around lightly. It’s upsetting she uses this word so easily. There are so many children who do get bullied in today’s world and it’s not something to use to just get personal attention on a reality TV show.” Damn.

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Kameron continued, “I have two small children and it’s important to show them great values and that bullying is wrong on any level. I also never want to make anyone feel lesser and I take great pride in teaching my children this. I teach them to never speak down to anyone and everyone is equal. To hear this about me, believe me, I’m just as surprised as anyone was to hear this!”

I just don’t think it’s that deep with these two. They just don’t truly click. They would never interact if they weren’t cast members on the same show. The two of them just aren’t meant to be friends and they should leave it at that.

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