Kameron Westcott & Brandi Redmond judge a 'pageant'

Kameron Westcott Reflects On Calling Brandi Redmond “Trash”; Says They Are Now In A Good Place

Please tell me you are watching Real Housewives of Dallas! This particular branch of the Bravo family tree doesn’t receive a lot of attention, but it should. Kameron Westcott joined RHOD in the second season. She loves her kids, dogs, and anything that sparkles. Things Kameron does not love include, speaking about noisy bodily functions and having giant dildos pointed in her general direction. But one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure! Co-stars Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman don’t mind discussing the joys of a bowel movement. They also got a kick out of waving a 12 inch synthetic penis at Kameron. Maybe they could have won Kameron over if the offending rubber rocket had been pink and covered in glitter? Alas, we may never know.

While Kameron and Brandi may be on the same show, they lead very different lifestyles. Brandi is not bound to the strict confines of Dallas society life that Kam must follow. Kameron feels Brandi’s lack of etiquette reflects badly not only on herself, but anyone she associates with. This dynamic lends itself to the often tense relationship Brandi and Kameron share. On a recent episode, Kameron and Brandi exchanged tense words across a dinner table. The F-word flew over plates of food, along with Kam’s napkin in Brandi’s face. Now Kameron addresses her part in the argument, and where she stands in her friendship with Brandi.

Brandi likes to get a reaction, that’s all fine and dandy until someone doesn’t want to play in your sandbox. Kameron simply isn’t the kind of female who enjoys frat house humor. Brandi and Kameron are kind of like oil and water, except they have better hair. Kameron has never been shy about Brandi’s boisterous personality giving her the icks. Non-stop discussions of flatulence and the miracle of mainlining Jesus Juice isn’t for everyone. Be balls to the wall, but don’t expect everyone to love it. Such as the storyline of Brandi and Kameron

During a heated discussion when the ladies were on… vacation, Brandi lobbed the f-word at Kameron. Kameron’s response to Brandi’s potty mouth was a launched napkin and a trigger word. Yes, Kameron called Brandi “trash”. But this isn’t just a word to Brandi, it is a direct reflection on Brandi’s upbringing. Brandi has shared that she was bullied when she was young, for her family’s lack of money. She has also mentioned other kids weren’t allowed to visit her home because she lived in a trailer. THAT’S why the word “trash” gives Brandi a big case of the sads, and it’s relatable.

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Not a good look for either lady, but they are adults and resolved it. Fans of the show called Kameron out on Twitter, and for the most part, she took ownership. One commenter wrote, “Wow. I am absolutely disgusted at @KamWestcott behavior. Shameful. You choose to take low blows because your life is sham. You feel like a gold digging failure because that’s what you are. Someone saying the “f” word to you is not the same and it isn’t trashy.” Kameron did not deny it and responded, “I think both our actions were inappropriate. We have apologized and moved on!”

Another viewer felt Brandi overreacted, but dinged Kameron for using the “trash” word again. “I’d say that @BrandiRedmond is overreacting over the comment. Buuuuut (correct me if I’m wrong) but hasn’t @KamWestcott called Brandi trash before?” Kameron replied, “It wasn’t the right word and I apologized for that, but Brandi and I are in a really good place now!!”

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I believe Brandi and Kameron made up. Kameron must know she has to be more open to people who aren’t like herself. And I’m sure Brandi is aware being too outlandish can have consequences. While the friendship between Brandi and Stephanie are #goals and we watch LeeAnne Locken brilliantly refrain from committing a crime, the show continues to entertain. It’s refreshing to watch a group of women not hiding court cases and making up rumors for camera time. Thank you, RHOD.


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