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Stop sleeping on The Real Housewives of Dallas. They might not bring in the monster ratings of other cities, but they bring oversize drama. There must be some truth to the adage about everything being bigger in Texas. Throughout the first few seasons most of the drama revolved around LeeAnne Locken & Brandi Redmond’s feud. However, they aren’t the only ones stirring up dirt this season.

Kameron Westcott & Stephanie Hollman CANNOT remain in a good place it seems. There have been so many accusations between the two. Kameron gets annoyed that Stephanie thinks she’s a surface friend. Stephanie doesn’t really care for how judgmental Kameron can be. It’s a mess in Dallas y’all. These women need in intervention to fix their growing issues. We won’t get that, but Kameron is opening up about her issues with Stephanie. OH BOY.  

In an interview with Life & Style, Kameron said, “I put myself out there this past summer and asked her to start working out with me since I really wanted to get to know her outside of the show since she was the only one who I felt like wouldn’t open up to me. Seeing the footage of the past few episodes of her talking to several people about me behind my back but never coming to me directly about these issues makes me extremely sad.”

That is a lot to unpack, but there could be so many reasons behind Stephanie’s actions. Kameron is married into a very powerful family in Dallas. I would imagine someone with ties like that could come across as highly intimidating. Scary stuff!

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Also, Stephanie has been very open and honest about her battle with anxiety and depression. Instead of acting her over things, maybe Kameron should take this into consideration. Stephanie could just be extremely nervous to go to Kameron directly with concerns she might have.

Speaking of Stephanie’s depression, Kameron said, “I was surprised to her that she was still suffering from depression. I had no idea, and I would be there for her just as I have for other friends in my life who suffer from mental illness. Honesty is really important to me in a relationship and I would hope she could handle a friendship based on honesty.”

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Just because someone is smiling on the outside doesn’t mean they aren’t suffering internally. That’s such a common misconception that should be eradicated. Not cool. Kameron should know that depression makes you tackle conflict in a different way and understand where Stephanie is coming from.

It looks like the biggest mistake Stephanie made with Kameron was using the word bully. Kameron told the interviewer, “Calling someone a bully is not a word Stephanie should throw around lightly. It’s upsetting she uses this word so easily. There are so many children who do get bullied in today’s world and it’s not something to use to just get personal attention on a reality TV show.”

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People do overuse the word bully these days. However, maybe Stephanie truly feels this way. Don’t invalidate her feelings. In an ideal world, everyone would get along, but that’s never going to happen.

Kameron appears to have an inability to take Stephanie’s feelings into consideration. I can’t speak for Stephanie, but that could be why she doesn’t feel the friendship is genuine. She wants people to build her up and support her. That’s not what’s happening her.

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At the end of the interview Kameron said, “On the other hand, it’s also sad that people can’t handle small bites of criticism without taking it personally sometimes. A true friend should always be able to be honest and open.”

The issue is that they aren’t true friends, so why would the same rules apply. If Stephanie thinks the friendship is surface level, she won’t confide in her like she would someone like Brandi. These two may never get on the same page. Hopefully they’ll talk it out at the reunion and reach a resolution.

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