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Real Housewives Of Dallas Star Kameron Westcott Says Stephanie Hollman Holds A Grudge; Stephanie Defends Herself

I don’t know about you, but I felt so uncomfortable watching Kameron Westcott and Stephanie Hollman argue on Real Housewives of Dallas last week. After a pep talk from Travis Hollman, Stephanie was prepared to move their friendship forward with an honest conversation. Instead, it just didn’t seem like Kameron was listening. She claimed that she was “attacked”…. by Stephanie of all people. Stephanie couldn’t attack a Housewife even if she tried.

On the previous episode, Stephanie felt guilty that she didn’t stand up for Brandi Redmond, her best friend of a decade, when Kameron called her “trash.” Again. Stephanie also felt slighted when Kameron strongly implied that Stephanie wasn’t a good friend and judged her for living in the wealthy part of Dallas. Earth to Kameron, Stephanie has money too. And lots of it. Meanwhile, Stephanie went out of the way to bond with Kameron and they even started working out together just the two of them. Usually, Real Housewives use each other’s milestone events to look for fights and get more camera time. However, this time, it didn’t seem like that was Stephanie’s intention. Nevertheless, she ended up crying at LeeAnne Locken’s lingerie shower (which I still can’t get over being an actual thing that people do), trying to hold it in to not disrupt the party.

After the episode aired, Kameron took to Twitter to shade Stephanie with a play on words using Stephanie’s own tagline. Kameron wrote, “Don’t hold a grudge @stephhollman… it doesn’t match your shoes!! Why are we bringing up the ‘trash’ comment 2 weeks after @BrandiRedmond and I made up? Also when it had nothing to do with you to begin with?”

Yes, Kameron and Brandi made up. However, Stephanie also took issue with Kameron shading her in favor of Kary Brrittingham at that group dinner during the Mexico trip. Kameron just didn’t seem to hear that part, or anything else Stephanie said.

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Stephanie responded, “Thought friends could talk openly about things that bother them? Guess I was wrong!” Poor Brandi was stuck getting the notifications from this Twitter thread and I’m sure her phone was blowing up with texts from both of them. Kameron clapped back, “But generic statements about how I hurt you don’t help me fix what I did wrong? Just stereotyping me!”

When a fan told Kameron, “She’s empathizing with her friend & there’s nothing wrong with that,” Kameron responded, “After the friend and I had made up already?? Trying to create drama again when it is already settled!” Again, Stephanie is also mad that Kameron threw her under the bus as a friend to Kary.
A different tweeter told Kameron, “you are way out of line on this one. It’s time to eat some humble pie! @travis_hollman was right, you aren’t all that and a bag of chips!” And now I’m just craving some chips… and some much-needed comic relief from all of this circular arguing. Kameron rebutted, “Again @BrandiRedmond and I’s issues are not @stephhollman Just saying.”  But the issue is that Kameron implied Stephanie is a shitty friend. Come on, girl.
In response to a fan who told Kameron to say “sorry,” Kameron doubled down. She tweeted, “I would say sorry if I had an argument with her but I never did? @BrandiRedmond and I are in a good place now!!” She’s missing the point.
Stephanie tweeted, “I left that situation in Mexico feeling uncomfortable and I wanted to voice that. Wish the conversation would have gone a little differently.” A fan tweeted, “I like that Steph is trying to be a clear communicator. It’s disappointing that it work out.” And Stephanie concurred, tweeting, “Thank you honey- I wasn’t looking for a fight, just an honest conversation.” So much for that!
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