Tamra Judge Makes Fun Of Kelly Dodd’s Hairline; Kelly Says Tamra “Lacks Morals, Values, Integrity, Brain Cells, & A Daughter”

Even though Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd are constantly at odds, the Real Housewives of Orange County stars do have one habit in common. No, I’m not referring to their tendency to go for the jugular mid-argument. I’m actually talking about their shared habit of tweeting and deleting scathing remarks.

Thankfully, screenshots exist. Hopefully, Kelly plans to continue those anger management sessions because she went too far in response to Tamra hating on her hairline.

Kelly posted screenshots of comments on Tamra’s Instagram account. A fan commented, “Get rid of Kelly bring back #fancypants!” Of course, “Fancy Pants” is a reference to Heather Dubrow, who has claimed many times over that she would not return if Kelly is still a part of the show. Tamra agreed to this comment with some affirmative emojis.

In a different post, Tamra wrote, “I thought Shannon [Beador]’s hair looked amazing! How about you?” Obviously, that was alluding to Kelly’s rude comments about Shannon’s extensions in Miami. In response, a fan said “Kelly shouldn’t talk about people’s hair with that receding hairline of hers.” Tamra responded, “combover” and that was enough to set Kelly off.


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Along with those screenshots, Kelly wrote, “Tamra leave me alone? A constant attack about my Receding hairline? Good 1 Tamra. I’d rather lack hair than lack morals, values, integrity, brain cells, education, and a daughter. I have more hair than right @JuliusMichael #uniboob #nobellybutton #rat #eyes.” Julius is the hairstylist who works with most of the Bravolebrities when they are on Watch What Happens Live.

Kelly Dodd Tamra Judge Hairline

Kelly went way too far with that rant, which is probably she deleted the post. However, I am laughing at the “no belly button” hashtag. But, once again, the reference to Tamra’s daughter crossed the line, taking me back to their argument in Ireland about this same issue.


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