Lisa Vanderpump Takes Nonsensical Dig At Kyle Richards Over Christmas Gift: “I Never Opened It”

It’s been more than six months since she quit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but it looks like Lisa Vanderpump still can’t resist taking petty little jabs at her former BFF Kyle Richards.

In a video caught by paparazzi earlier this week, the dethroned queen of RHOBH took it upon herself to shade her fellow OG for seemingly no reason, and in a way that honestly didn’t make much sense.

The drama started when a reporter from TMZ decided to ask Lisa to name the worst Christmas gift she’d ever received during the gossip blog’s weekly “Celebrity Tour.”

“It has to be from Kyle Richards,” LVP stated from the doorway of Villa Blanca as a gleeful smirk crossed her face. Hmm…nothing like slamming your ex-bestie for absolutely no reason to the largest gossip site in the country to prove that you definitely don’t hold a grudge [insert eye roll here].


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Next, LVP‘s moment in the shade turned completely bizarre. First, the TMZ reporter referred to Kyle as a man, asking, “What did he give you?” — thereby proving she probably has no business reporting on RHOBH or even working in celebrity journalism in the first place if she, you know, can’t identify famous people accurately. And then, Lisa made things even weirder by retorting, “I don’t know, I never opened it.”

Now, this statement from the great martyr of the 90210 makes no sense for a couple of different reasons. Let’s talk the obvious lack of logic first. If LVP never opened whatever gift Kyle gave her, then how would she know it was the worst Christmas present she’d ever received? She’s clearly making the story up on the spot just to be mean. And also, the comment makes Lisa’s attempt at shade look malicious, weak and downright pathetic. Not the savviest move from the greatest chess player in all of Beverly Hills now is it?


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Interestingly enough, the whole exchange did, in fact, bring to mind the Season 9 reunion. (You know, the one that LVP refused to show up for?) At the time, Kyle actually did bring a birthday gift to the taping, hoping to extending an olive branch to her longtime pal after the two OG shared an awkward run-in at Neiman Marcus. However, being the consummate professional she is, Lisa chose to skip the reunion altogether, preemptively announcing the day before to the Daily Mail that she was quitting the show.

Throughout the Vanderpump-free reunion, Andy Cohen was so tempted by the box that he actually opened it himself, revealing a bright pink Manolo Blahnik belt that led him to declare, “Oh my god, it’s such a Lisa present. She would’ve loved this!” Guess it’s safe to say Kyle‘s not such a terrible gift-giver after all.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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