Lisa Vanderpump Responds To Kyle Richards’ Claim That She Avoided Her At BravoCon

BravoCon might be over, but the post event drama is still burning hot. So many of your favorite Bravolebs were in attendance for this iconic event. From The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to Vanderpump Rules. They were all there. However, if you were expecting a “moment” between Lisa Vanderpump and her former costars, it didn’t happen. How great would that have been though?

Lisa’s shocking exit from Real Housewives sent everyone into a frenzy. The woman some people have crowned as the Queen Housewife had enough and walked away. It’s been over a year since Lisa stopped filming with the other women, so maybe she’d be open to reconciliation. It turns out time does not heal all wounds. If you were hoping to see Lisa and Kyle Richards interact, you were majorly let down. 

Lisa spoke to People to address Kyle’s claim saying, “We were on different times. I was on with Vanderpump Rules. This is typical of Kyle – she would always sling something at me!”

While it’s true that they were on at different times, Lisa was one of the only two to exit early. Only LVP and Caroline Manzo elected not to run in to their former costars. Therefore Kyle saying “She left the stage before we got on”, is a valid statement.

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Lisa furthered her comments saying, “How could I run away with her? I’m with Vanderpump Rules. Bravo knows what they’re doing. They know where to schedule us and tell us where we’re going. So don’t flatter yourself sweetie!”

It makes sense that Lisa wouldn’t want to see them after they all turned on her. However, it’s not as if she had to speak to them. Although they might have made her face them with that Squash The Beef game on Watch What Happens Live. CRINGE.

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All of this comes after an awkward run-in between Kyle and Lisa at a restaurant. Lisa spoke to Us Weekly with additional scoop on that uncomfortable encounter.

After civil greetings (insert double air kiss), the run-in came to an end. Lisa stated, “That was just perfect for me. It’s just when, if it’s a friendship, then you know, I wouldn’t experience what I experienced the year before. If it was a real friendship.”

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It’s Kyle’s town though, so of course they were going to run in to each other. Tired taglines aside, how awful must it be to stumble into someone you cut out of your life. It’s good that LVP and Kyle could act like grown adults in the moment.

Lisa wasn’t able to avoid Kyle at the restaurant, but she was a lot luckier at BravoCon. Lisa refused to show up the reunion, so fans would’ve liked to see them finally hash it out. There was so much left unsaid.

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A lot of people at BravoCon had issues with one another, but were seemingly fine being in the same space. Why do certain people like Lisa and Caroline get special treatment?

Lisa talked to Andy Cohen for 2.5 seconds and then scurried off stage during the commercial break. How difficult would it have been to sit there for the duration of the show. Is that really how a Queen behaves?

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Perhaps one day Lisa and Kyle will make amends. However, BravoCon is an indication of the future, it may never happen.


[Photo Credit: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo]