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NeNe Leakes Claps Back At “Messy” Andy Cohen After He Dissed Her For Repeating An Outfit

When Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle repeat outfits, they’re praised for “keeping it real.” However, not everyone in the public eye gets the same accolades. Andy Cohen threw some shade at NeNe Leakes during Sunday night’s Watch What Happens Live episode.

The host said, “By the way, one of NeNe’s confessional looks this year is the same dress she wore to our big doorbell show in LA, where the strap broke. So, I guess she fixed her strap, which we love.” Moments later he asked, “Was that shady?” He concluded, “I didn’t mean for that to be shady.” Oh, yeah right. “Shady” is Andy’s middle name. Still, it was some light shade. It could have been way worse. Seriously though, there are way worse things to say about NeNe. However, NeNe did not find his comments to be funny.

NeNe shared the clip on her Instagram and wrote, “Can somebody please tell me what was the point of this? Like I don’t get it. That was 2 years ago I wore this dress ONCE, so I can’t sit in a confessional with it on @bravoandy How many times have you recycled your suits and ties? #pointless #messy why you care?” Seriously, why did he care? Were there really no other jokes to tell? No news stories to comment on?

NeNe continued, “It’s enough that we RHOA ladies come for each other and now we have to worry about executives coming for us! No i mean coming for me! It’s not cool. Wasn’t you interviewing those girls? What you mad about? Y’all stay coming for me but soon as i say something or do something I’m wrong.” She’s overreacting, sure, but she’s not wrong. Andy is getting way too messy.

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One Instagram user commented, “He wants to be a Housewife so bad.” NeNe seemingly agreed when she responded with “Hello.”

Another fan wrote, “I watched it live last night and when it happened, I was like bravo to NeNe for keeping it real, re-wearing something from her closet. And then I thought: Andy is outing his fave? (or so I thought). NeNe responded with “I am not his fave! Trust me on that! I know a lot of things you don’t!” Spill that tea, girl.

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On Twitter, NeNe retweeted a fan who wroteThe success of @Andy #RHOA and #WWHL is so co-dependent on @NeNeLeakes he brings her up at every possible moment that he can. I know her back hurts from carrying a franchise and a network simultaneously.”

Andy responded to a fan on Twitter by using the GIF of NeNe saying “I said what I said.” NeNe didn’t technically reply to that post, but she did tweet, “And what you said was some bullshit.” That sounds like a response to me! 

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I cannot wait to see NeNe and Andy’s next televised interaction. I will have the popcorn ready.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]