Kathryn Dennis Posts Photo With Thomas Ravenel; Southern Charm Fans Have Questions!

Throughout history we cling to tales of true love and triumph over adversity. We root for an underdog couple to find their way, despite the limits of society and last call at 2am. But sometimes Cupid’s arrow falls a bit short of the happily ever after scenario. Just ask Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis. If we’re being honest, Kathryn and Thomas’ photo should be front and center beside the definition of “messy” in the dictionary. Thankfully, Southern Charm managed to capture their budding relationship, their mutual substance abuse issues, and ultimately their downfall.

But Kathryn and Thomas did have two beautiful children as a result of their union. They also had rage-fueled fights and disturbing revelations. Not to mention a custody battle where Thomas deposed most of the cast and Kathryn’s My Size Barbie from 1994. After Thomas’ descent into madness unfortunate experience with a nanny and subsequent arrest, he got the boot. While some viewers cheered his absence, others noticed a gaping hole of drama was exposed and the show was difficult to watch. The rumor mill has been saying Southern Charm hasn’t been filming due to a cast shake up and a drought of action. So what is a girl to do about this? Stunt Queen, party of two – your table is ready.

Kathryn took to Instagram and posted a glam shot at a party. With Thomas. The guy that told the world she had an abortion, failed a drug test, and dragged her 839 ways in court. We see you, girl. Kathryn captioned the photo, “I’m nobody’s Bond girl!” Let’s do this one together – SURE, JAN. And seriously, Kathryn needs a round of applause because this pic did exactly what she wanted it to do, got people interested.

Fans had a field day. One follower wrote, “Why are you with him?!?!?!?!? I get he fathered your beautiful children, BUT….” Yes, T-Rav fathered Kathryn’s children. Also, she wants to keep her television job. Another viewer chimed in with, “Do you purposely post a picture like this to be controversial?” Ding, ding, ding!


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The comments ranged from full meltdown to incurable romantics. One person wrote, “Love the pic tho [sic] coparenting cooperatively is a beautiful thing!” Except the kids were nowhere to be found at this event. Someone who clearly never watched the show added, “I like her with Thomas.” Then we had those wondering if we will see a 3rd Ravenel child added to their family. Kathryn’s fans also pointed out she spent some time on Christmas with the kids and Thomas, which only fuels notions of a reconciliation.

So what do you think? Can Kathryn and Thomas not quit each other? Is this a calculated move to try and spark some kind of interest in a show that suffered the loss of it’s main antagonist? Or could this just be a function both Kathryn and Thomas attended and shared a photo? One might even speculate if this is a lead into Thomas’ eventual return to the show. Whatever the case may be, if Kathryn wanted to incite rumors and gain attention, mission accomplished.


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[Photo Credit: Instagram]