Southern Charm Star Cameran Eubanks Hints At Possible Thomas Ravenel Return; Says “Never Say Never”

Man, if this happens, it will be another ratings extravaganza for Bravo. They do love bringing back criminals former cast members to shake things up. Like many of our faves, Southern Charm’s Cameran Eubanks showed up at BravoCon. This was actually good as fans of the show have speculated it might not return. Even cast members have seemed bewildered at the lack of filming. Word on the street is production will begin on Season 7 in January.

So the Charleston crew is probably breathing a sigh of relief that they aren’t dead yet. Last year viewers endured a trip down STD mountain and had their eyes repeatedly assaulted by the tragic sight of Austen Kroll in his underwear. Shep Rose seemingly grabbed the asswipe title and has hopefully adjusted his attitude as a result. Speaking of assault and asswipes, what’s happening with good ‘ole boy Thomas Ravenel? T-Rav recently settled a custody dispute with Kathryn Dennis and all is well on Fantasy Island. Now that Thomas’ sexual assault case has also been resolved, will he dip his dainty toes back in the reality television pond? According to Cameran, it’s possible. Yikes.

I feel when news like this comes out, it’s because someone has info and is trying to “prepare” the public or tease a potential comeback. In this case, it would turn the show sideways. I mean, what could be better than seeing Thomas rise from the ashes of sexually assaulting his children’s nanny? The whole world must want to witness Thomas’ return to the dating scene after his disastrous relationship with a psycho Ashley Jacobs. And one mustn’t be absent from reveling in the glory that is sure to be Thomas not spending every moment gaslighting taunting Kathryn.

While chilling out at BravoCon, Entertainment Tonight caught up with Cam. She had some interesting things to say about the upcoming season. Regarding a possible T-Rav resurgence Cameran said, “I said last season that [Ashley] would not be back, and she was back.” Honestly, this doesn’t bode well and kind of seems like a sign something is up.

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Cam also shared, “So, I am not gonna say– I’m gonna say, never say never. I think she [Ashley] could be back and, you know what? It wouldn’t surprise me if Thomas came back.” Hold up. Thomas being back is one thing, but is Cameran also saying Ashley could return as well? Is the show that desperate for content? While I know Thomas has three some remaining fans, I seriously doubt the public has any interest in Ashley’s face back on their screens.

That said, Ashley did basically close out Season 6 by acting a fool at Patricia Altschul’s finale festivities. In that episode, Ms. Pat gave fans a master class presentation on how to remove despair in human form party crashers. Newest cast member and recent college graduate Eliza Limehouse admitted not holding grudges against Thomas and his escapades and she is the one that gave Ashley a lifeline. Could Eliza open the door for Thomas again?

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Would a Thomas return be the last-ditch effort of a struggling show on its last legs? Would people even watch if he came back? There is no doubt Thomas loves the spotlight, despite his previous statements to the contrary. There’s also a little problem about him suing Bravo and Haymaker, which they do not appreciate and rarely reward. Another thing to consider is Thomas’ trashed relationship with Whitney Sudler-Smith and Ms. Pat. I will say this for Whitney, he does not take kindly to those who verbally disparage Mother.

It remains to be seen if Thomas is gearing up for another go or if this is just a rumor to peak suspicions. I don’t know if we’re ready to board the Ravenel Redemption Train, but it is sure to spark chatter. Hopefully, we will know more as cameras go up and filming begins. Stay tuned, it just might get interesting.

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[Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]