Life After Lockup Recap: Manipulate The Manipulator

Life After Lockup continues to get better every single week. On last week’s season premiere, the couples were going THROUGH IT. It’s still unclear why Sarah Simmons or Megan J continue to give Michael Simmons the time of day. He offers them literally nothing. These women could do sooooo much better. Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson are still married, but live in separate states. Who can blame him for trying to escape her?

Sooner or later, both of the men that Lacey is playing are going to leave her. Shane and John are only going to allow themselves to be played for so long. Lacey can’t manipulate these two men forever. It won’t happen. Things are going well for Brittany Santiago and Marcelino Santiago. However, usually, this means that something bad is coming around the corner. Good luck guys!

Andrea & Lamar

Lamar Jackson Life After Lockup

Lamar is finally off parole. I wonder if he plans on making a trip out to Utah to see his wife. Whenever the two of them are together, things get weird.

The rough LA life is too much for Andrea. As much as Lamar loves Los Angeles, it will never be home for Andrea. Lamar misses her, but missing someone isn’t enough to make a marriage successful. You need to put in the WORK.

He wants to come visit, but she’s reluctant. Is she hiding something? That’s odd that she is fighting the idea of her own husband coming to visit. She tries saying that he left her, but she’s the one that tried to trap him in Utah. What kind of delusional revisionist past is she living in?

This marriage is so unusual. She won’t even share a room with her husband. However, I would expect nothing less from them. Her kids don’t know that Lamar is the father of the youngest daughter. How has she kept it from them this long? These people make the worst life choices on this damn show.

Neither of them are ever going to budge form their stance, so what’s the point? Things are looking really dicey because Lamar is nowhere to be found at the airport. If he really didn’t show, that’s such a gross thing to do to his family.

Thankfully, he shows up and all is well. Things are still awkward because of what happened last time. Maybe things will improve in time.

Angela & Tony

Angela Life After Lockup

I find Angela way too entertaining for this storyline to ever end. Please never leave. She’s a total train wreck, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

She kicked him out of her life FINALLY. We’ll see how long that lasts. Angela fills in her sister on what went down, and she’s not surprised. Nobody is shocked. Angela is the only person caught by surprise here.

She doesn’t want to see him anymore, but Tony is paroled to her house. He has nowhere else to go. She’s totally going to get suckered back in by this man. OH MY GOD. He used her so hard, and now she can’t escape.

Angela tells her sister that she and Tony were engaged, and she’s so disgusted. Angela isn’t someone who uses her head ever. She’s so thirsty for sex. It really clouds her judgment.

SHE ACTUALLY BURNED ALL OF HIS THINGS. Everything of Tony’s is completely up in flames. Tony tries to apologize, but she reacts in such a cold and defeated way. She might be DONE DONE. Let us rejoice!

Angela refuses to let him inside. That’s what you get Tony for cheating on the ONE person who did right by you. Tony wants to work on things, and it’s clear he’s manipulating her. He’s really good at that. He is SO cringe.

Lacey, Shane, & John

Lacey Shane Life After Lockup

Lacey and Shane are never going to last as husband and wife. Phew. I really wanted to get that out there before we continue. They’re finally in their new house together, and Shane is so immature. His age is really starting to show. I didn’t really notice it last season, but this season, I’m irritated with it.

She’s still in secret communication with John. Keeping this from Shane won’t end well. However, she knows what she’s doing. Once again, she’s playing two men down the middle because that’s what she does.

Her father thinks it’s a good idea to tell Shane because secrets are bad. DUH. Although, in this case, that doesn’t seem like something Lacey wants to do.

OH NO. Shane found texts about Lacey and John. She calls Shane insecure, but he has the right to be mad here. Lacey keeping secrets and communicating with her ex is so disrespectful.

Lacey doesn’t like being controlled, but Shane is all about keeping her in line. They’re not a good match at all. His reaction is really psychotic. It just keeps escalating.

Marcelino & Brittany

Marcelino Santiago Life After Lockup

Brittany calls Marcelino in for a serious conversation, and he looks annoyed. At this point, Marcelino is contributing nothing to this marriage. She wants him to get a real job because legal fees are racking up rather quickly.

With that, plus the new baby, he needs to get his act together. Someone needs to start making some real money for this family. There’s how many kids involved now? Brittany isn’t wrong for just wanting him to at least get a part-time job. Do something. Anything.

It’s really not that hard of a concept. Brittany has a felon past, and it’s much harder for her. He needs to step up and do what he can for his family. End of story. There really shouldn’t be any ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Overall, I like Marcelino, and I’m glad he’s taking strides to get a job. His background his actually really impressive. He has a lot of life experience.

Instead of going into this humbly, he’s letting his ego take the lead. The recruiter can tell that Marcelino doesn’t want to do anything besides poker. For the most part, the recruiter has the same opinion as I do. He has ZERO experience in the workforce. Nobody is going to give him the time of day.

Megan, Michael, & Sarah

Sarah Simmons Life After Lockup

Michael is finally face to face with Megan’s father. In light of Michael’s past actions, this should be epic. I hope he rips him to shreds. Is that rude to say? I tend to be rude.

Michael says it’s important to have everything out in the open, but he’s actively lying to her. We watched him take a phone call in the car from another girl. He’s a pathological liar. There’s a lot of red flags with Michael.

Megan’s father has a lot of questions about Michael, and quite frankly she should be asking these herself. She admits to her dad that she loves Michael, and he says the same about her. Make me actually gag.

Her father doesn’t think she should date Michael. DUH. WE AGREE. RUN MEGAN RUN. What is it about Michael that anyone would want to be clamoring to be with him? I see nothing.

Sarah wants to be divorced, but she couldn’t help but look at his phone records. Michael is talking to girls in a lot of different states. To make things crazier, he’s been getting money from all of these women. My mind is f***king BLOWN. Shook. Shook to my core. Wow. It’s also bizarre that Sarah pays for all of Michael’s stuff.


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