Michael Simmons Life After Lockup

Life After Lockup Recap: Between Roc & A Hard Place

Keep hitting us with more sizzling drama Life After Lockup. No show does it better. These people are all crazy, but viewers love it. Michael Simmons is running the best game on this show, with Lacey a close second. How Megan J is still entangled in his web is beyond my level of comprehension. At least Sarah Simmons removed herself from that situation. Even John is lucky. Sure he is in jail, but now he’s out of Lacey’s manipulative orbit.

One of the saddest things to watch is the state of Clint Brady’s marriage to Tracie Wagaman. Honestly, their entire life in general is hard to watch. I truly thought she turned her life around. Obviously I was wrong, and that is so sad to see. You never want to see someone’s life crumble the way hers is right now. Hopefully this episode gives us some updates on what the future holds for this controversial couple.

Angela & Tony

Life After Lockup

Tony acting like this is his house too is so annoying after what he’s done. She was finally almost done with him. Why is he so insistent on playing her? He deserved to sleep in the car. Good for Angela for leaving him outside like the dog he is.

She’s letting him inside to shower, but she wants him gone. He’s really good at worming his way back into her life, so we shall see. Angela seems on to his s**t this time more than ever before. Hopefully that’s a good sign that she’ll remove him from her life permanently.

Angela needs to listen to her sister. Her sister actually recognizes the con Tony is continuing to run on her. Angela might be wrapped up in Tony’s spell, but spells are made to be broken.

Cheryl & Josh

Josh Life After Lockup

LOL. Cheryl’s car got towed. It couldn’t have happened to a better person. She’s so negative and toxic and overall miserable. I don’t know why Josh is so determined to make things work with her.

His mother doesn’t want to pick Cheryl up, but she’s doing it anyway. This is so poetic. Cheryl is in desperate need of someone to pick her up. However, she HATES his mother. I’m kind of living for this.

His mom thinks they’ll be broken up within a month. We can only hope! I can’t believe they’re staying with his mother for three days. That’s going to feel like a lifetime. They really need to figure their future out. There’s so much back and forth, and so much chaos.

Josh and Cheryl are always fighting, so I get where she’s coming from. His mom sets Cheryl off by saying she needs to have Josh home by 9PM. Obviously she already knew that info, so she feels a little insulted.

Clint & Tracie

Clint Brady Life After Lockup

Everything about Clint and Tracie’s storyline over the years is so depressing. They are two people who cannot get it together and lead productive lives. His mom is so heartbroken to hear the news about Tracie’s arrest. I believe her that she wanted things to work out between the two of them. Nobody wants to see something like this go down.

Tracie seemed so good at the end of last season! I actually am really surprised that she slipped up again. She seemed so determined. I love that Clint is leaving out the fact that he got arrested too. I could also live without Clint ever calling Tracie his goddess ever again. Please just don’t.

His parents don’t want him to get her out of jail. I get that he wants support, but I don’t think they’re ever going to be receptive to that. They don’t even want to offer him emotional support. I hate to say it, but he should cut his ties with Tracie. Obviously she doesn’t want to get help. Although, Clint has some issues of his own.

Lacey, Shane, & John

Shane Life After Lockup

Shane is concerned when he gets home, and Lacey’s not home. Before we get into that, can we talk about how Shane probably has a drinking problem? He’s never NOT drinking. I don’t want to fully put that label on him, but I think it’s a little out of hand. Almost every scene he’s drinking, and it’s usually early.

Lacey finally shows up, and Shane assumed John was dead. I don’t know why I laughed at that, but I did. It’s just the way he said it. It was almost like it was hopeful for that to be the outcome. This keeps John out of their lives for now.

Lacey hoped John would get his act together, but these things happen. There’s so many people that go back to jail. I mean look at Tracie! For some reason, I don’t think this is the end of this love triangle. There’s more to this mess ahead of us.

Marcelino & Brittany

Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

Brittany Santiago’s childhood story is one that really does move me. It’s so sad to hear the way her family was with her. Brittany wants to have some serious life conversation with her mother that seems like an awful idea. Her mother is going to get so triggered by all of this. She’s in a fragile state as it is.

Thing is likely only going to make things worse. I really think this conversation is going to go left, and nothing will get accomplished. How important is closure at this very moment?

Brittany might be the most likable felon on this show. I actually root for her. She’s someone I want to succeed beyond the drama. I didn’t realize Brittany’s ex was 30 when she was 12. That’s some twisted and sick s**t. Brittany’s life was really rough. Her mom tried, but she went majorly wrong.

I’m happy to see her mother own up to things and apologize for her past behavior. Not everyone can do that. Brittany brings her mother to the place outside where she used to sleep when she was homeless. ABSOLUTELY HEARTBREAKING. She’s totally turned her life around. Kudos to her.

Megan, Michael, & Sarah

Sarah Simmons Life After Lockup

Roc showed so much restraint when Michael put his hands on him. I would’ve flipped out in that morning. I feel like there are lines you don’t cross. Michael is on a whole other level of hypocrisy right now.

Megan clearly doesn’t want to be with Roc. Like at all. I don’t know what the setup is here. He seems determined to make Megan look bad. She’s denying that they had sex, but I don’t know what to believe.

At least we can all agree that Megan (and Sarah) can do better than Michael. Why do they act like he’s some win the jackpot kind of prize. Michael wants Megan to be upfront and honest about if he’s talking to other women. I’m SHOCKED he actually admitted he was talking to others. I didn’t expect him to own up to anything at all.

Any future with Michael will end with multiple affairs. He’s not suited for the monogamous lifestyle. He’s not ready for something serious. That’s fine, but he shouldn’t lead Megan on. Also, she should recognize her own worth and not take the bait.

Sarah having fun and letting loose is such a different look on her. I need to see that more often. She spends most of her time upset about Michael’s sh**ty parenting. She’s getting majorly hit on by some guy at the bar, and I’m so happy for her. Rub it in Michael’s face. He definitely deserves it. Do what you have to do. Sarah practically eats his face off at the end of the night during their kiss. SHE WAS DEVOURING HIM. Yet somehow, I was here for it.


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