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Below Deck Star Tanner Sterback’s Mom Rants About Captain Lee Rosbach On Social Media

Last night’s Below Deck Season 7 reunion was heated, to say the least. There was also one very awkward exchange with Rhylee Gerber and Tanner Sterback about his mom, who appeared on the show many times via speakerphone.

During the reunion episode, a Facebook post from Tanner’s mom was mentioned. Something tells me that she’s written several Facebook posts about this show, defending Tanner, of course. She even went in on Captain Lee Rosbach. Oh, girl, you are in over your head. Did she not watch the show? Tanner made more than few mistakes.

The Instagram account Bravo Superfans posted a screenshot of Tanner’s mom Joni’s rant. Get ready for a plethora of grammar mistakes. Joni began, “For a man whom my family and I went into the process respecting and excited about, and someone I assumed understood the process and was involved with his team, I was extremely upset, letdown and disappointed by the unprofessionalism and hate I’ve seen as the show aired.” Again, did she not watch the show? Tanner was the epitome of unprofessionalism.

She continued, “To claim to not know and say that ‘you don’t want to know’ what happens on your boat only to live tweet and blog after each episode critical, negative, and extremely biased commentary after the fact behind your computer screen is unsettling… You have to know that your ‘brand’ influences and brings life to a very hateful, out of line and out of control group of trolls and as you are fueled by them the people you employed and claim to want no interference with suffered tremendously…. As well as their families.” I’m sure Tanner knew that signing on for a reality TV show means gaining fans as well as trolls. You can’t have one without the other, unfortunately. This is not Captain Lee’s fault. That is the nature of the game


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Tanner’s mom wrote, “You know this show and what it is about yet you further the exploitation of your own ’employees’ by planning the social media hate game! It is unbelievable that you find that appropriate as the captain of a yacht, as a father and a so called family man. It hurts tremendously.” Now, she’s criticizing Captain Lee as a father. Hypocrite, much? So much for coming down on the trolls. Pot, meet kettle.

She concluded, “The behavior is nothing more or less than i’ve ever seen on any reality television show and your own comments are also questionable, on and off camera. Please do better with your fame and stop pouring oil on a fire of hate. Bullying bullies is all the same- A hurt and confused mom!”


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It is perfectly reasonable for any mom to defend her son, but she didn’t even do that here. Instead, she just hated on Captain Lee and trolls, ultimately becoming a troll herself.


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