Jennifer Aydin Explains Why She’s An “Easy Target” For Margaret Josephs

How are we feeling about this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey? The show got off to a slow start, there has been plenty of fighting as of late. Which is all I really care about, let’s be honest. Besides the obvious choice of  Danielle Staub, there has been one standout when it comes to being the center of all the drama: Jennifer Aydin. We already spent the better part of the season with her griping about Jackie Goldschneider’s kid’s birthday party being too cheap for her taste. When Melissa Gorga dared to come to Jackie’s defense, Jennifer ended up tossing cutlery at her to get her attention, prompting a whole new fight. Last season we saw a similar pattern with Jennifer who, fueled with tequila, went after Melissa by brandishing a broken wine glass on a particularly explosive vacation fight. One thing’s for sure, Jennifer is no punk.

As for this season, there’s been plenty of tension between Margaret Josephs and Jennifer and let’s just say neither of them are handling it with much grace. I’m not sure exactly why these two started beefing but it’s been like oil and vinegar, ahem, oil and water ever since. I do think it’s the fact that Jennifer is constantly sticking up for Teresa, who continues to stick up for everyone but Margaret. At least that’s what I think.

But Jennifer is no one’s punching bag and is firing back at Margaret, telling Us Weekly,“I think she has it out for me because there’s nobody else. I’m an easy target for her.” Jennifer explains that Margaret wouldn’t go after Teresa or Melissa because they are “veterans of the show” and Dolores Catania is off limits because she “has seniority on her as far as her time on the show.” I guess that’s a decent theory but in fairness, Jennifer has seemed to really pick on Jackie, who also doesn’t have any seniority. So that kind of seems like a boring excuse. 

So what about Jackie then? She joined the cast at the same time as Jennifer but she’s already a friend of Margaret, which means that Margaret has no reason to go after her own friend. Jennifer concludes,”Who’s left? Obviously I’m very outspoken, so it’s easy for someone to eye roll on me every now and then, but you know what? I can handle Margaret.”


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And to be perfectly honest, regardless of how much I hate on Jennifer, she really can handle Margaret. Time and time again, Jennifer has refused to back down when they fight and I can respect that in a housewife. Sure, Jennifer can be tacky and out of line (regularly) but she does bring a fresh dose of drama to the show and that’s pretty hard to ignore.

Sounds like Jennifer isn’t going to stay an easy target for long.


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