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We’ve talked at nauseam about NeNe Leakes and he lack of presence on this season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. There have been so many rumors about what the cause may or may not be. Is she having a contract dispute with producers? Is she boycotting filming with her nemesis Kenya Moore? None of this is confirmed and NeNe isn’t exactly being forthcoming.

But NeNe took things to a whole new level when she decided to announce on social media that she hired high-powered attorney Lisa Bloom for….well, we still don’t really know. We ran this story almost two weeks ago and NeNe is still no closer to telling us what it’s all about. Between this and the whole Wendy Williams spilled tea on her supposedly saying she was going to quit RHOA, I’m thinking NeNe needs to hire a new PR person.

As much as it’s keeping her in the news, it doesn’t exactly make her look very transparent to fans. If you ask me, it all seems like a ploy for the attention she’s not getting from this season. Or maybe it’s her way of trying to keep the heat off her from the rumors that she spit on Kenya. This has yet to come to light but one thing NeNe is saying is that she’s not getting what she deserves.

NeNe is speaking out on the matter, telling Entertainment Tonight, Everybody’s human on this show, and everybody makes mistakes — and I feel like I’ve definitely made mistakes, but I also feel like my mistakes are forgivable, and if they can forgive each other, I don’t see why they can’t forgive me for any little thing.”

Sure, that’s true but it’s also worth noting that those who make mistakes on the show usually own up to them. I’m not saying everyone does, but NeNe is notorious for never giving a sincere apology or owning her ish. 


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But she goes with that narrative saying, “And the whole thing that they’re trying to hold against me is last year. Last year, my husband had cancer, and I was his caretaker.” NeNe laments, “I dealt with so much last year, and I feel like I don’t get a break for that, or I don’t get any sympathy for that, because I’m NeNe.” Yes, because you’re NeNe and you have burned every bridge of a friendship that anyone has tried to have with you. Sorry guys, but this really has me worked up! 

NeNe continues to explain, “We never had cancer in our home before. And everyone is like, ‘Well, last year…’ Girl, last year, I don’t even know who I was last year. Like, I went through so much last year.”


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No one is doubting what NeNe went through last year, but what is up for debate is how much of that can NeNe blame on her behavior? 


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