Carole Radziwill Denies Ever Being Close With Tinsley Mortimer (Again); Says They Never Talked Outside Of Filming

The Real Housewives of New York Season 10 reunion was famous for the Bethenny Frankel vs. Carole Radziwill feud. At one point, Bethenny went on and on about Carole ditching her for Tinsley Mortimer and traveling around the world together.

In response, Carole threw Tinsley under the bus, clarifying that they weren’t actually close. And, obviously, Tinsley seemed hurt and surprised. Since then, Carole claimed that no one on the show ever wanted to film with Tins. Clearly, there’s no love lost there.

During a recent interview of the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast, Carole shared, “I haven’t heard from Tinsley since the day we taped the reunion.”

When discussing Carole’s comment about never being close with Tinsley, Heather McDonald remarked, “The audience saw that as being kind of rude to Tinsley.” But, Carole insisted, “Yeah, she was playing up to it. She didn’t want to say that what Bethenny was saying wasn’t really true.” Carole also said, “I was just being honest and they twisted it into something that it really wasn’t.”


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Carole continued to deny a close friendship with Tinsley. She recalled, “We were working together and filming together.  I didn’t know her that well. I mean, I liked her. And I happened to fix her up with a guy [now fiance Scott Kluth] that I knew. I did some commercials with her, but that was it.”

Carole claimed, “When we stopped filming I never heard from her, the first season [or] the second season. We just went off and did our own thing.”


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Ultimately, Carole concluded, “She hasn’t called me since, so I was fucking right.” Apparently so.

Carole emphasized, “She didn’t call me when I left the the show. She didn’t call me when my mother passed away. I have not heard from her, which is fine. I’m not sitting around waiting for a phone call nor do I expect one. What I was saying is obviously the truth.”


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