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Danielle Staub Doesn’t Regret Pulling Margaret Josephs’ Hair, Says She Wishes She Did It Sooner

When it comes to Housewives we can’t seem to get rid of, the first person who comes to my mind is Danielle Staub. Ever since she first graced the screen on Real Housewives of New Jersey, she has held on for dear life. Even when she was demoted to a “friend,” Danielle made sure every scene she was in was all about her. Who could forget her whining over and over about her wedding for all of last season? You know, the wedding that lasted longer than her actual marriage.

Part of why Danielle is so entrenched in RHONJ is her ability to have longstanding feuds with a main Housewife. For years, it was OG Teresa Giudice. Once they finally made up in what could only be described as a story line of extreme convenience, she moved on to a feud with Margaret Josephs. Things really went sour when Margaret didn’t roll over and kiss Danielle’s ring over the whole wedding. It just went downhill from there. So downhill that it culminated in an epic showdown of water being thrown, ponytails being pulled and purses being dumped, all while the rest of the cast chugged sipped and wished they could just get back to buying $600 candles.

Instead of feeling some kind of remorse for inflicting physical violence on someone else, Danielle, true to form, is doubling down with her evil self. In a recent article by TooFab, Danielle does some major revealing about her thoughts on what went down and how she feels about it. And it’s a doozy. When asked on Bravo’s “RHONJ After Show” why she thought Teresa egged her on to yank Margaret’s ponytail, Danielle said, “I don’t know. I don’t wanna do what they do. I don’t wanna pretend to know what anyone’s thinking when they say stuff. And that’s my only regret, is that she had to tell me to do it. It felt good.”

She continued, “All this time, I thought that I’d be mortified when I saw it play out.” But instead admitting, “Total opposite! And I am not a violent person. And again, remember, and she knew this, I come from a long history, from very early in my childhood, of abuse. I’ve been everything, every form of abuse. There’s only so much a person’s gonna take before they just start to push back. And I did. And I don’t remember, I saw red. My only regret is not doing it sooner! And having somebody tell me to do it.”


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Let us not forget the shop owner lurking in the background, who Danielle says came up with the idea in the first place, “I can’t speak for Steven. I can say Steven’s just a great guy, and I feel really bad that Margaret was even invited that day, because not for nothing, she doesn’t shop there. She couldn’t afford to.” As if Danielle could.

As seen in the season finale, the shop owner wasn’t the only one who was behind the idea to pull ponytails. It was revealed that Teresa was in on it too. When asked if she and Teresa ever had a conversation about keeping quiet about Teresa’s role in the whole thing, Danielle said she didn’t think a conversation needed to be had. “No, it’s not something — I just hold people’s stuff,” Danielle explained. “I hold it. I carry it, and it’s f–king heavy. And I’m not gonna do it anymore.”


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Danielle continued, “So I could really care less what people tell me to do. I’m gonna do it my way and in my time, and I was just done holding it. It’s not something bad! It’s not like I said something terrible about Teresa! I’m the one that did it! So I was kinda shocked that the reaction was the way it was. I mean, if I had given away a secret like, oh Teresa had sex with somebody, like she did about me, I can see getting mad about that.”

She goes on to defend Teresa, despite throwing her under the bus during her conversation with Melissa Gorga. Danielle says,“But listen, I’ve forgiven Teresa for so much,” she went on, “So much. So much worse than that. She called me a prostitution whore in front of my children, flipped a table at me. If I wasn’t important enough to her to forgive me, which, I shouldn’t have even needed forgiveness. It should’ve just been understanding. Like, so big deal? Danielle said it, I did it. That’s all she would’ve had to say. The fact that things have panned out the way they have, it was just an agenda.”


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Only someone as warped as Danielle would be mad that she didn’t get the true credit she deserved for physical violence. This only furthers my theory that Danielle would do anything to stay relevant to the show. 

Too bad for Danielle that it didn’t work this time.


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