Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season Finale Recap: Family Reunion

What a wild ride this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been. It’s coming to a close, and it’s going out with a bang. On last week’s episode, Danielle Staub shocked Melissa Gorga and all of us. She revealed that Teresa Giudice was behind the hair pull that rocked Margaret Josephs’ world. The footage they showed was very damaging to Teresa. She looks BAD. How will she talk herself out of this one?

The second part of this episode is set to focus on Teresa reuniting with Joe Giudice in Italy. This marriage is in shambles, but it will be interesting to see them together in person. What will the vibe be? How will they interact with one another? So many questions. Joe has never dealt with this version of his wife before, and this is a very different Teresa. Good luck Joe!

Melissa doesn’t seem shocked at all to learn that Teresa was behind the hair pull. She also doesn’t want Danielle around her sister-in-law. She has a point about one thing. Not about Teresa but about how unacceptable it is to put your hands on someone. Water or no water, it’s so not cool.

Teresa condoning that is actually really surprising to me. I didn’t think she’d put herself in this position. She looks really bad here. Melissa thinks it’s going to be the end of Margaret’s friendship with Teresa if Danielle is telling the truth. It says a lot about Melissa that she’s so willing to bring this up in front of everyone though. She clearly believes it and has no problem exposing Teresa.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season Finale Recap: Family Reunion

I’m glad to see that Bill Aydin is alive and ready to hangout. He was looking a little rough after all the drinking last week. Hopefully, he takes it easy at this party and avoids the alcohol.

We don’t have to wait long for the group to learn what Danielle exposed about Teresa. The second Melissa gets to the party, she gathers everyone to reveal the true origins of the hair pull. Margaret doesn’t believe the boutique owner was behind it. Melissa then reveals Teresa’s alleged role. Everyone looks shocked, but nobody really believes it.

However, things change when Teresa finally responds. She looked so nervous. I have never seen Teresa so visibly shook about something on this show. I don’t think she ever thought this would come out. BOOM.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season Finale Recap: Family Reunion

Margaret is STUNNED to hear Teresa admit that she said something to Danielle. This is so wild. Teresa just stooped to such a low place. Margaret is very upset and calls Teresa sick and an asshole. You can’t blame her for being upset about this. She was physically assaulted in a fairly violent way.

Teresa says she hopes the producers don’t use this, but Melissa assures her they will. The fact that Melissa said that makes this seem so calculated. Why not pull your so called family member to the side to warn them? She allowed Teresa to get totally blindsided. None of that excuses Tre’s actions, but it’s still a dirty move.

Teresa throws a drink at the camera and shoves more drinks off the table. She is BIG MAD. Melissa tells everyone she’s mad at the producers, and she’s right. Teresa is more pissed than ever before.

The way Teresa flipped off the camera was so out of character for the Namaste Teresa. She tells production she’s going home, and she slams the door in the camera’s face. I wonder if we will get any more out of Teresa. This has to be the end of their friendship. Margaret feels so betrayed and is massively confused.

Jennifer Aydin tries to talk to Teresa, but she doesn’t want to be bothered. Of course Dolores Catania thinks that Teresa fully owned it, and she should get a pass. HOW DOES SHE GET A PASS? Dolores takes ride or die to a dangerous level. You can’t let your friends run roughshod to do whatever they want.

Teresa playing the victim is not a good look AT ALL. Dolores says the only way to fix things is to apologize to Margaret and cut all ties with Danielle. Let’s see if she can actually follow through with this. Teresa is upset for letting down Margaret, but I think she’s just mad she got caught. Instead of riding away in her Uber, she decides to speak to Marge after all.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season Finale Recap: Family Reunion

Teresa calls Danielle to confront her about selling her out, but Danielle doesn’t see the issue. She says don’t be mad at her about this, but this feels like the end. Teresa tells her the friendship is over and hangs up the phone. Danielle tries to say she loves Teresa, but she gets cut off. BYE BITCH.

It’s actually really pathetic it took THIS moment to get her to drop Danielle. That’s something that she should have done long ago. Everyone warned her about Danielle’s toxic nature. Margaret was one of the biggest ones championing the decision to drop Danielle.

However, maybe Margaret should have been more worried about Teresa instead of Danielle. What a total blindside to close out the final party of the season. Nobody saw this coming.

Teresa and Margaret meet on the porch, and Teresa is at a loss for words. They both proclaim to be freaked out by this, but it’s major. Teresa doesn’t want Marge to think she’d ever want her to get hurt. I believe that to be true. I really do. That doesn’t change any of the facts though. She still encouraged Danielle to pull her hair. She cosigned this unacceptable behavior.

Teresa seems to be legitimately remorseful, but Margaret is going to need time to think things over. This is a moment that’s going to alter this friendship forever. How do you even come back from this? Also, what a horrible thing to ruin a party. This is an instant buzzkill.

I have just about had it with Dolores defending every little thing Teresa does. Her husband being deported has nothing to do with her letting Danielle attack Margaret. Give me a break.

Dolores‘ boyfriend David Principe moved in with her and Frank Catania. HOW WEIRD IS THAT? My mind immediately wanders to the freaky things that might be going on. Dolo might be more kinky than I ever thought possible.

Joe Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

It looks like the entire second half of the episode will revolve around Joe and Teresa. Teresa is nervous to see Joe after how long they’ve been apart. Neither of them are the same person. At least not Teresa. She has transformed into an entirely new woman than the one Joe left four years ago. He’s in for a surprise.

The family arrives in Italy to reunite with Joe. I’m happy for the girls, but I’m more intrigued by the dynamic between Joe and Teresa. There’s a lot they need to discuss, and she’s harboring a ton of resentment. Teresa’s been a lot more vocal lately about how she feels about Joe. Teresa needs to tell him off face to face and show Joe that she isn’t going to take his s**t anymore.

I would NEVER want to climb that giant ass hill to get to Joe. I don’t care how long it’d been since I saw my father, it’s not happening. Lazy is my middle name, and I’d need to be carried or something. Come visit me down below.

The tears are flowing so hard when the girls are finally reunited with their father. Regardless of how you feel about their parents, this is a beautiful things to witness. It’s about damn time. Let’s hope he can stay on the straight and narrow.

THE FOOD IN ITALY AT JOE’S LOOKS SO GOOD. OH MY GOD. I NEED ALL OF IT. Watching this show on an empty stomach was evidently a bad idea. I want to eat the entire spread. Delicious.

Teresa and Joe have an awkward conversation about where he is staying. Joe was expecting to sleep with Teresa in the hotel, but she’s not about it. She feels like it’s way too weird. It seems as if Teresa does not feel anything for Joe anymore. This isn’t the future she wants for herself. Teresa deserves better than what Joe can offer. Period.

Joe doesn’t seem to understand that Teresa can’t stay longer than she plans. She works and has a life outside of him. There’s zero chance of Teresa ever giving up her life and going to Italy to stay. Goodbye Joe. It’s over.

It’s beyond awkward to watch Joe and Teresa interact. Obviously the marriage is DONEZO. Teresa is extremely cold anytime Joe tries to show her any sort of affection. She’s purely and utterly disgusted by his touch. How does he not understand how through she is with him?

Teresa reveals she hasn’t been happy with Joe in a very long time. This situation made it easier for her to end it. It gave Teresa the perfect out she has probably wanted for quite a while.

Joe Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Teresa seems concerned that Joe is drinking too much, but he downplays it. They have a lot to discuss before she leaves though. They need to talk about how they feel, and what the future holds. It’s been so long, and it’s likely over. Joe sounds like he’d be down for a weird friends with benefits type situation. There’s zero chance of Teresa being down with that. Do you even know her?

I think Teresa wants him to just say that it should be over, but he isn’t. He wants her to be the one to call it off I think. Joe takes zero accountability for the crimes he committed, and she’s over it. He asks if she wants to end it right there and now, and his lack of responsibility shows her he hasn’t changed. One of the most iconic marriages in Housewives history is over. The end of an era!

Teresa isn’t ready to tell the girls that their marriage is over. That’s good that she doesn’t want to ruin the moment for them. Despite the hair pull incident, Teresa really has grown as a person in a lot of ways. It’s a highly emotional goodbye between Joe and the girls, but at least now they can see him.


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