Former Real Housewives Of New Jersey Villain Kim DePaola Says Danielle Staub Has “About 25 Personalities”; Says Margaret Josephs “Got What She Asked For” When Danielle Pulled Her Ponytail

Oh the shade of it all! I’m not sure why Kim DePaola was never given a full shot on Real Housewives of New Jersey. She pretty much checks the boxes that require one to be on RHONJ. Fights with Teresa Giudice? Check. Shit-stirring gossip? Check. Curious hair extensions? Check. Why, if it weren’t for Kim D’s brick and mortar tribute to fashion, Posche, the high class ladies of New Jersey would have had to wait around for… Envy.

Kim truly is the gift that keeps on giving and she definitely doesn’t take anyone’s crap. Now Kim turns the special place she has in her heart for Teresa towards Beverly Danielle Staub. Danielle, better known as Captain Hair Puller, has once again shown her true colors during the season. But will Danielle ever tire of potentially catching a case and putting her hands on other people? According to Kim D, all signs point to a big, fat nope.

Not only did Danielle yank on what’s left of Margaret Joseph’s natural hair, she recently said she is done with RHONJ entirely. Because I’m sure she has tons of other offers lining up. She recently announced to Andy Cohen that “I will be never returning as a Housewife again”. ARE YOU SURE THIS TIME? Also, Danielle might be experiencing the same fate as NeNe Leakes. A terrible illness called, “no one wants to film with you“.

According to Danielle, she wants to do something that “makes my heart happy every day”. But if you ask her old friend Kim, Danielle is totally full of it. In an interview with Life & Style, Kim says she doesn’t think Danielle is on the path to enlightenment. She said, “No. She can’t change. Danielle has about 25 personalities. Her head spins around like the exorcist and she becomes whatever Danielle she needs to be at the time.” While that was funny, I must respectfully disagree. Danielle can change. She’s changed her name. She’s changed her face. And she’s changed her mind about 934 times regarding men.


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But even though Danielle went down to physical assault town with Margaret’s head, Kim D thinks they were both in the wrong. “I think [it was] 100 percent wrong” of Marge to try and clean Danielle off with some water.

Then, Kim reflected on her own cherished memories of Teresa eyeing a glass of water during a verbal dispute. “Let me go back to my fashion show when me and Teresa had our fight. When Teresa and I were fighting, I saw her keep going for her glass. No one’s going to throw a drink at me while I’m all made up before my fashion show. That’s the only reason why I left [the room]. I’m not afraid of her.” Atta girl. Once you’ve been glammed, you don’t let some hussy unglam you – no matter what!


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When it was all said and done, Kim thinks Marge got what she asked for. Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk – or at least be prepared for a takedown. Kim shared, “For Margaret to throw water at Danielle is disrespectful. Should Danielle have almost broke her neck? No. But I understand how she got into that frame of mind,” she explained.

Kim D continued, “Listen, like I said to Joe Gorga, ‘You want to play with the big boys? You’re gonna get what’s coming to you.’ She played with the big boys. Danielle is no joke. And she got what was coming to her for throwing the water. That’s my opinion.” Bravo, give this lady a job already.


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If anyone knows how the big boys roll, it’s Kim D.  She might be just what this show needs now that “friend” Danielle has taken a hike. Could you imagine Kim going at it with Jennifer Aydin? It would be an epic battle of wits! Oh the humanity!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]