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NeNe Leakes Slams Kenya Moore; Says “I Don’t Think She’s A Good Person”

There has been a lot of tension between Real Housewives of Atlanta stars NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore. Last season, NeNe referred to a pregnant Kenya as “a monster” at Cynthia Bailey’s product launch. And NeNe was furious that Kenya twirled on back to RHOA with a peach this season.

Since then, these two Atlanta Housewives have traded barbs in the press and on social media. Kenya has suggested that NeNe doesn’t bring anything to the show, and that she is being phased out. She also claimed that NeNe used her friendship with Wendy Williams to improve her image.

Kenya said that NeNe has zero friends on the reality show, and that she apologized to cast members because she had to. During the trip to Carnival, NeNe and Kenya nearly came to blows over an altercation over who should mind their own business. Producers stepped in and held NeNe back during the argument.

Later, NeNe and Friend of the Housewives Marlo Hampton stated that they didn’t believe that Kenya was legally married to Marc Daly. And as for the upcoming RHOA “spitgate” scandal, NeNe took to Twitter to share her side of the story. (Warning-there is some rough grammar ahead.) NeNe tweeted, “She need 2 be spit on wit all the horrible things she has said & done! From constantly startin shit wit me all season, lying on me, sayin I’m on drugs & bipolar.”


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On March 4, NeNe doubled down on her feelings about Kenya during an interview on The Breakfast Club. “I don’t like her in real life. I don’t think she’s a good person. And I think that she does things for the show which is OK, but I think that you don’t have to do all of that. You don’t have to hit below the belt, be super nasty,” NeNe commented.

NeNe continued, “I don’t think any of that is necessary to be on the show. A lot of girls will do a lot of things on the show that I’m not willing to do.” Wait–so is NeNe saying that she never hit anyone below the belt? She fat-shamed Porsha Williams days after Porsha gave birth. Is NeNe watching the same show that I am?


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Of course, NeNe was happy to once again discuss “spitgate.” “She went around recently insinuating that I spit on her. I didn’t spit on her, now I will spit on her, OK, but I didn’t. I did the motion, like I should spit on you,” NeNe explained.

A host on The Breakfast Club stated, “They say that Kenya’s husband [ex] or whatever kisses your ass.” NeNe replied, “Really? That’s amazing. Everybody always kisses my ass. I don’t even understand it.” That makes two of us, NeNe.


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