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Kelly Dodd Reacts To Rumors That Tamra Judge Will Film Real Housewives Of Orange County Next Season

I don’t know about you but as explosive as it was, the last season of Real Housewives of Orange County wasn’t my favorite. There was such a heavy tone between Gina Kirschenheiter’s ongoing split with her ex and then we had to endure Vicki Gunvalson as a friend of. That alone was enough to send me over the edge. Vicki knew it was her last shot, so she really upped the ante and it was painful to watch. All you Vicki stans just say you hate me right now because I’m going to say that Vicki ruined the season. She might have survived the infamous cancer scam of seasons past but with her standing on the show being threatened, it’s like she committed to taking down as many people as possible.

One of her targets? Kelly Dodd. Now I know the train rumor wasn’t all Vicki’s doing. She might have started it but one very sneaky housewife repeated it – Tamra Judge. “Faith, family and fitness” my ass. I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t advocate spreading rumors about a cast mate engaging in an illicit sex act. But Jesus aside, Tamra said it and was happy for anyone else to take the fall for it. When Kelly confronted her on all her deception, Tamra flipped the script and had the audacity to get mad at Kelly for not believing that she was trying to defend her. Spoiler alert: she wasn’t! As far as villains go, it was quite the power move but it wasn’t enough to save her either. After the season aired, it was announced that neither Tamra or Vicki would be back. In other words, they were fired. Cue the author of this story rejoicing!

But it sounds like we haven’t heard the last of Tamra. There have been rumblings of Tamra possibly returning as a friend of, much to my chagrin. One would think Kelly wouldn’t be particularly happy about it either but according to an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife, Kelly says, “I’d challenge her to come.”


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Kelly later clarified, saying of Tamra’s possible return, “I don’t have a feeling one way or another, really.” Of both Tamra and Vicki, she maintains, “I’m not even focused on them anymore. I both wish them the best. It’s good luck with their families. They’re not involved in my life. I’m really working hard to provide a life for my daughter and my fiance [Rick Leventhal].”


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Kelly’s focus nowadays is on her vitamin drink company, Positive Beverage. She also started a charity initiative to raise awareness for breast cancer called October 365. About her decision to start a healthy beverage company, Kelly says, “All the beverages out there are very expensive, so I wanted something that was great tasting, great for all ages, and available at a price that people could afford.”


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